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  1. Im about five weeks into flower added a little to much nutes at the end so i am flushing a week early but some of my pistils are falling out of the buds. Can anyone help
  2. Flushing is your best option.
  3. I am already flushing but i am just going to flush for two weeks then chop chop my trichs should .be good till then. If my trichs for some reason arent ready for harvest can i just keep usinf fresh water or should i add a small amount of nutes. Just dont know if i can flush for three weeks and still have them do good and swell up.
  4. I don't think you can repair the damage by adding a few nutes at the end. You could try to flush for like 5 days, add light nutes for another 5 or 6, then flush for 7-10 days.
  5. Not to concerned about repairing the damage as far as harvesting the best quality and quantity as i can. If a more experienced grower thinks i can add some nutes after the flush or continue to flush until harvest i will do so. Im hear to listen and learn from everyone that has more experience
  6. Flushing for two weeks is overkill in my opinion. I would feed until the trichs are mostly cloudy then do maybe one or two runs of straight water as they go amber.

    Honestly I think most of the taste is due to strain, nutes used, and most importantly the dry and cure. I have friends who flush for weeks, and their smoke still taste like crap.
  7. Well i had to flush i was starting to see a bit of nute birn so im flushing im also using an ebb and flood system with it watering twice a day for fifteen minutes
  8. It has been flushing with fresh water for three days

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