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Pistol Color Change!

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by newbhydrogrower, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. How many of the pistols should be amber? and is the top buds better to judge then the side ones? I was reading that a 50/50 mix is good enough. Or do I wait till all white pistols are amber.
  2. trics are the key when to harvest. get a 30x loupe or magnifying glass and take a look at the trics. depending on the high you depends when ya harvest.

    pisitls will change early or late depending on the strain. they also go brown when they have been pollenated or with stress.

    what week of flower you into?
  3. :wave: Your right dude :D Trichome is king when it comes to chopping not pistils. On most of the strains that I have grown the pistils will be almost 100% red beofre the Tric's have gone to amber.

    Good luck
  4. Trichromes are the little chrystals on your sugar leaves and bud. You can get a little pocket microscope from radio shack that works pretty good for checking trichromes.

  5. Yeah I was just curious on how much the pistols will change, so don't worry about the pistols?
  6. Barely any pistols have changed. 100% you said? wow.
    Thanks for the help

  7. So I bought my microscope..hard to tell when I was looking through it (seemed clear on the trics). So far this is week 7 into flowering..I hope the trics get cloudy soon!
  8. what strain you growing?
  9. Sour Diesel and Violater Kush. SD is the grow that is closer to reaping.

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