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  1. Why the fuck are there not that many pistils on my beauties?!
    one has em but not a lot just very very few and my skunk plant just started flowering bout 2 weeks maybe 4 no very many flowers though! WHAT THE FUCK
  2. patience young grasshopper. She will put out her pistils when she is ready.
  3. thanks for the reply. ive been bout patient as i can. been watin since oct. and damn im just trippin. i guess im just thinkin i did something wrong. oh yeah i attempted to clone last night and it looks pretty damn successful i hope so.

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  4. Since October? You've got plants that have been in the ground since October and still no white hairs? You do have problems and it seems to me that it could be not enough light or not the right light spectrum.

    What kind of lights do you have?
  5. ...you took clones last night and you can already tell that it went succesful?!
  6. so far everything looks good. i got 2 grow spot lights from wal mart they have a light blue glaze over them and one flourecent grow and show. i also have a bright ass light. halogen puts out a yellowish light which are better please respond asap

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