pistils browning....too early

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by deepgreensea, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. another northeast grower here.

    got 15 plants budding all about 160 days old. 4 diff strains, HxSk #1, early misty, white widow and a bagseed
    although the WW is supposed to take longer, (6 out of 7 are) the one other already has 60% brown pistils.... whats the deal?

    I was planning on harvesting just the one next weekend but it just seems way to early.... it is a freak plant (started with 3 leaf nodes instead of two and has REALLY loose funky lookin buds. the buds it has are covered in crystals though....

    so GC, what action would thou advise me to take?
  2. post a picture
  3. ^(post to short)
  4. agreed :p
  5. I find it a little ironic that the two people that called someone out for having too short of a post both had posts with three words or less. In any case, as for your question deepgreensea, i would advise that you check the trichomes on the plants, because they are a much better indication of when to harvest the plant than the pistils. Check the trichomes with a strong magnifying glass or a mini microscope that you can get at the Source for under $15. The trichomes will turn from clear to opaque when they are ready to harvest, if you already know about this than ignore it, other wise check out the guiides on GC or the rest of the internet, theres plenty of information about trichomes and how they tell you when to chop em down.

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