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Piss Test Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongBeast420, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Ok I have a few questions. First off my mom made an appointment for me to get tested to see if I have diabetes. The whole summer I haven't smoked at all for over 2 months, and the past 5-6 days iv smoked a total of .5-.7 grams. My questions are will this small amount even show up in a test? are they even able to see MJ from a diabetes test? if so what should i do? I have till thursday after school. Thx :(
  2. their drawing blood for diabet, im like 90% sure they dont just randomly test for thc.
  3. No my mom said there testing my blood and urine for diabetes
  4. Yea... if there testing it for diabetes there just going to test for diabetes. Its not like just because you got a diabetes test that they will test for THC. I dont think the doctor would want to spend his resources testing you for THC when hes looking for Diabetes.
  5. Ok thats what i was think anyways. It makes me feel a little better.
  6. any more suggestions or info? still kinda worried
  7. They'd have to be testing specifically for MJ for it to show up on a urine or blood test. So, unless you're mom is tricking you, you'll be fine :)

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