Piss Test - Question about using old piss

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    So I have to drop . I drop into this jar which has a temp strip on the side, Also it has the results on the out side. Once you drop it takes like 5 min and the results show on the panel.

    Im having my friend piss for me the night b4 my test. Im going to fridge it then 2 hrs before I will heat this little pad I have and put the urine on it. I have a $1 thermometer I will use to check the temp. On the way to the place I will have the Urine and the pad in a sock near my balls.

    My question, Will the "OLD" piss work like "NEW" piss? Itll be about 12 hrs old.
    Should I fridge it?

    If I keep it in my closet will it get spoiled?

    Im not going to buy those wizinator things. Im not going to be watched.

    Let me know if anyone tried this or knows someone who tried this
  2. You'll be fine man, you may want to rethink your method of transportation as socks usually don't house liquids very well, it'll end up spilling onto your shorts and making you look as if you peed yourself, which actually may prove to be an effective technique cause then you'll be all out of piss and have nothing left to take the test with, buying you more time.

    Anyway, keeping it heated as much as possible is good, you want it to have that real urine feel. I'd even take a sip or two if you have a bit extra, in order to ensure that it's fresh just incase they decide to do a taste test to check for authenticity.

    Good luck!
  3. HA! funny you say sip it, I was going to add something like
    " I will not put it in my mouth to keep it warm"
    in my question ! LOL
    And the sock is to hold my heater to my cigar case which has the piss in it.
    If I though a sock would hold piss, I shouldnt be smoking
  4. heheh just some friendly sarcasm.

    What I was getting at is they aren't going to check it's quality, so you don't need to worry about it being fresh or spoiling. Piss is piss (although they might smell it to see if its not something like apple juice).

    Now that I think about it, piss does smell horribly bad after its sat in my toilet for a few days, maybe you should try mixing some febreeze in there to rectify the rancid smell. Probably not a good idea, but then again they're not going to taste the febreeze if you mix a little in. :rolleyes:
  5. You'll be good I did the same thing but duck taped a little piss cup I had to my thigh. I wouldn't bother putting it in the fridge though.
  6. yeah i wouldnt put it in a fridge either.
  7. i used my friends 2 week old piss for a home drug test and it worked
  8. :-D thx guys Im breakin a bowl right now, right now!

    And if they look at it funny Ima say
    " why dont you have a taste, see if its real" !LOL

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