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  1. Alright well I got a cal today from a place that wants me to cum in tomorrow and take a pis test n they pay very very good. Problme is I. Was smokin a joint wen they calld so my piss is outta the question so ima get sum from my cuz . I was wonderin wats bes to hold it in a condom or a lil shampoo bottle? Mind u I'm have a hour drive from my cuzs house to the job loctiaon and the set and talk t the boss and then get set off for the test .I plan on putin wat ever I use between legs to hide n keep warm. So here is my secnd prob its been around 100 degrees were I live evryday so am I gnna have a prob keepin it cool enough ?
  2. Your getting a job at a sperm bank?

  3. ahahahahahahahhaah:smoke:
  4. Just gonna have to do your best...you have to try and cheat to pass so do what you can..if it works, it works...if you get caught, you dont get the job and you can go home and get high again...good luck.
  5. Naw heard u can make pretty decent money dontanting at one .but anyone ot any useful advice ?

  6. [​IMG]
    best advice I can offer you
  7. Fucking LOL!
  8. Typical bullshit try asking for some help on a site that's suppose to help people out n get fuckd arund with
  9. Its hard to help someone when it becomes a chore too read their post...
  10. I am at work tryin to be low key about bein on my phone so my bad about the spelling? any suggestions on the piss test and not my spelling .... that shit was funny as fuck with the learning english thing
  11. You're at work.....So you already got the job at the Sperm Bank?
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  13. You should be goo even if the piss was 100 degrees because thats very close to 98 where it should be.
  14. i believe it has to be between 90-100 degrees f when you transfer it into the test cup

  15. We have a piss test expert among us.

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