Piss test for a company that has no drug policy?

Discussion in 'General' started by DryMouthHacker, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I smoke about a couple times a week and take very large breaks from smoking. However, I just got this job that I didn't have to take a drug test to get and I was never shown anything on the companies drug policy. Actually, in all of the papers I have signed and looked over for this company while becoming an employee I have never read or had to agree to anything that said I would be tested. The people who interviewed me said nothing about it. It did however tell me I was being tested for TB and would get a hepatitas shot and required an employee physical. Today I was at work and tomorrow is my physical and one of the ladies I work for said that we would have to pee in a cup for my physical but didn't say anything else about it. Is there any possible way that this would be a drug test? I realize they take urine tests at physicals for reasons other than drug screening... should I be freaking out right now? I thought that they have to make you aware of their drug policy. Its a non-profit if that makes any difference.
  2. youre fine, they legally have to tell you if they are testing you for drugs
  3. so If I go into the drs office tomorrow(this is the place the company has chosen not me) they would have had to already have let me know about it? my concern is that they will make me aware of the drug test tomorrow and then I'll have to take the test
  4. yeah they definitley have to tell you if there testing you for drugs
  5. No, you do not HAVE to take a drug test.
  6. the place your going is probably going to hand you a piece of paper that says you give permission to be tested for drugs and its probably mandatory to keep ur job.. I know they didn't tell you before hand or make u sign anything but it could come down to them saying.. pee or u get fired pretty much.
  7. what if you got fired if you didnt test positive? ;]
  8. ringleader2012 has me crapping my shorts right now

  9. Don't sweat it man.. It could or couldn't happen.. legally you could sue them but are you a small time guy really gonna go up against someone and especially if you take it then fail? I just wouldn't sign for the drug screening if they ask u too because you wern't told it was mandatory and you don't want too.. but after saying that they know your hiding something and then they could come back later with a mandatory drug screening and make it a rule and THEN have you sign the paper and tell you if you dont take it then you get fired and that is legal
  10. if they dont have a drug policy why would you even worry about being tested. you have to signed a paper saying you will take a drug test before you're hire for them to want to test you.
  11. Why didn't you asked what the UA was for when they asked you to do it? :confused:

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