Pirates of the Caribbean!

Discussion in 'General' started by viperware, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. This movie was fucking dope. I had 2 vicodin before. I am going to watch it again super smoked up. I recommend this movie to everyone. P.S. Stay through the credits. Werd.

  2. Downloading it now. Will watch, whenever I get the time.
  3. fucking if you work at McDonalds you get tickets to see it free, so me and a buddy are going wednesday, were making a day out of it, take my boat out to a sandbar and getting baked and drunk... hope the movies fucking cool too.
  4. shit, i left when it hit the credits... what happens!? whats it show? ahh tell me!
  5. woohoo! hotboxed with a few fatties and then saw that earlier today. it was excellent!! ending was a little dry though.

    what happened after the credits??!
  6. I cannot wait to see this movie. not only do I love johnny depp (what a damn good actor) but this movie jjust looks bad ass!
  7. ^ thats actually what i was thinking, just the fact that depp is in it alone makes it worth seeing, IMHO. Plus it doesn't look bad at all, i think its gonna be like the underdog movie of the summer.
  8. I was gonna PM what happens after the credits but I will just write


    The monkey goes back to the chest and steals a piece of the gold. The curse is no longer broken!
  9. aw, thats like pressing the red button when they tell you not to press the red button...

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