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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huonc, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. hello GC!

    i'm new to smoking weed, usually just when i'm at parties, so every couple of weekends or so. recently i smoked using a hand pipe, which looked to be made of wood, with a screw in cone piece and 'shotty'. i've been having a look at the hand pipes in the online store and have seen filters advertised and wondering what they are needed for? do you need them for every kind of pipe or is it just for some types. like i said above the pipe i smoked with only had a screw in cone piece but no filter.

    some of the pipes i have seen in the store i can't tell if the cone piece's are screw in or if they are fixed etc, so i'm not sure if i will have to purchase additional items in order to use the pipe correctly.

    just as an example,

    is that ready to go or what?

    thanks all :wave:
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    It really comes down to personal preference with a pipe like that.

    Screens/filters (i assume that's what you're talking about) may or may not be needed depending on how big the hole in the bowl is.

    Screens keep you from sucking down ash and weed, but if you grind your weed to a fairly coarse consistency, then you should be fine.

    Never hurts to have screens handy.

    I personally like my weed ground to an almost powdery consistency.

    Welcome to site.
  3. yes screens was what i was talking about, thanks for clearing that up. the pipe i used had a fairly small hole so nothing dropped through it, if i end up buying one i'll go for one that won't need a screen because you can't buy them where i live :(
  4. Buy them online.

    Screens are handy to keep around.

    A part of every stoners arsenal is extra screens, papers, roach clips, and a durable, lightweight, 3 chambered grinder.

    By 3 chambered I mean a grinder that has a spot for grinding the herb, a spot for said herb to fall to rest, and a place under that for the kief to build up. :)
  5. you problably can buy them were you live you dont have to go to a head shop or even a tobacco store hardware stores will have round metal mesh gauz whatever its a screen
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    mm would you know if a certain pipe would need screens? it doesn't necessarily show the inside of the cone piece so you can't see how big it is and it doesn't say if it will require screens or not in the details :(

    i am interested in this

    edit: having a closer look at these screens, some of them look quite big, do you have to cut them or something to use them? haha i don't know anything about this i'm sorry :p
  7. Like I said dude, just go ahead and buy some screens along with the pipe. You can't regret buying them, because they're just nifty to have. The steel, in my opinion, are better than the brass.

    I've used both metal and glass pipes, and usually I need a screen for glass pipes as they've had bigger holes for ash and weed to fall through.
  8. like i said above i'm not very knowledgeable about this so i'm not sure on how to use these screens, could you give me a quick run down? :D

    sorry for all the questions hehe
  9. ok yea that pipe you like or any of that type would need a screen, and its easy you put the screen in the bowl push to the bottom and your good :), yea if you order that one from gc just get some screens with it they should be no more then a dollar for 5 , just were ever you get you pipe grab a few packs of screens and your good you need extra because after a while they get all gunked up with resin and such., they also have a glass alternative to the metal screen but i dont use those some people like them and i think they are cleanable and reusable if you wanted to order them instead whatever suits you and just read up around the city bra and you can learn all you need to know
  10. Pretty much just push the screen down into the bowl nice and tight.

    To clean a screen, get some tweezers and hold them and burn them with a torch lighter.

    One screen can last a few months with me.
  11. so there is no need to cut or shape the screens? they just look big is all :)

    thanks for the help everyone :p
  12. nono some times you may have to cut the screens they cut no prob tho
  13. oh ok cool, thanks again guys ;)
  14. you should get a glass spoon, you wont need a screen and they are good for taking everywhere.

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