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  1. I don't know what that thing i but I think you can do a bit better (because I'm a fan of glass) based on what you're looking for(Cheap). How about this? Colored and Fumed Spoon - Dutch - Grasscity.com

    It's fairly short but that's okay. Check around there are plenty in that price range.

  2. Obliterator Pipe - Bijzondere pijpen - Rooksystemen - Dutch - Grasscity.com
    dude i m sure i dont want a glass bowl , but thanks for the post .
    i want something cool and new if that helps
  3. if you don't want glass that pipe looks solid but just curious why don't you want glass? next to blunts i think its the best
  4. im tired of glass bowls where im from anybody that knows anything about weed owns one of them . i personally want something a little different , that is portable .
    when i started smoking i had a few glass bowls , but since have given them away.
    its just not my preference for smoking weed.

    also blunts and glass are not the truly perfect way to smoke weed , the best way to go is a sweet vaporizer.
  5. I smoke blunts for the experience more than anything else. If you're looking for a solid piece though, you can't go wrong with glass.
  6. if ur going for something original and portable check out one of those portable vapes. not many people have them theres a couple that people say good things about like the VapeGenie and LaunchBox. And I've smoked vapes and i prefer blunts. theyre more social and I like the act/taste of real smoking.

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