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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatman2020, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Well my first pipe finally had it this morning, it some how rolled off the table and smashed. I almost wanted to cry, but any ways i was wondering what you guys thought of this new pipe im considering from grasscity, Inside Out Spoon - Dutch - Also i am a first time bong buyer and would like to have one around. ordering this at the same time, Glass Bong Conical Tubing - Dutch - Any feed back would be appreciated and would like to know feed back from any one who has ordered from grasscity before, im new here thanks. :)
  2. i mean to be honest i think the price of that bowl is WAY to high.
  3. it is kind of high but man i really like that color scheme, any other suggestions then :?
  4. i suggest going to the local headshop and buying the first peice that makes your dick hard...

    and AFAIK, the color of the peices vary when you buy from GC
  5. i would man but the nearest headshop is around 150ish miles away :/
  6. oh i did not know the colors vary :| darn it, when u mean by vary that thing could come out pink for all i know?
  7. do a little asking around in your area, you would be surprised how maany headshops are close that you dont know about(especially for just a pipe, there are many gas stations that sell them in some places).

    EDIT: not sure, i have seen pipes that were pictured yellow on the site come out in black and blue
  8. no man there literally are no headshops lol, im in a very small area to get to a decent headshop i have to travel to the next state over, the headshop thats closest to me doesnt have a very good selection :/, do u think that pipe is to high priced? and what do u think of that bong
  9. the bong looks great, the reviews are very good, too.

    the pipe seems a little high-priced, but its hard to tell on the internet because you cant tell glass thickness.
  10. any other suggestions for a pipe from grasscity? any opinions are welcome, just somthing about that pipe there i really like the colors lol and if their slightly off it wouldnt be the end of the world
  11. that pipe is way expensive. imo it should be around $25.

    as to other suggestions, i don't shop on grasscity, so i wouldn't really be able to tell you what to buy. if you have to get it on gc, just look for something you like that's reasonably priced i guess.

    maybe just smoke jays til you can get to a shop and buy something nice.
  12. thanks for the advice :) ill shop around, any 1 ever shopped from or know anything about them? thanks.
  13. ty peck ill check it out, and that bubbler is pretty sweet but im not looking for a bubbler atm =/
  14. not seeing much of a selection from there peck =|
  15. seriously? that websites loaded man, i haven't seen a better one, or one with a bigger selection.
  16. Apparently you havent seen the rules either...
  17. i apologize
  18. way too pricey

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