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Pipe scrapings?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Archont, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Is it good to smoke the scrapings of your pipe? Is it worth anything?
  2. Generally no. Some claim it gets them high, but even they usually admit it's a bad high. Headaches, bad letdowns, etc. It's tar, so it's very very unhealthy.

    I would recommend against it, but I can't tell you how to smoke if you want to try it.
  3. Its called resin and will get you high how high tho has always been debated.. I scrape my bowls and smoke the resin if I run out of ganja.
  4. People usually resort to the "scrapings" when they are dry.
  5. first of all, your wrong. its not tar, its the leftovers of marijuana. its called resin, and is marijuana tar? no, so basically just because its black and sticky, its not tar. and secondly it will get you high, it contains THC just as ganja does. and it doesnt give you a bad high its just another high.
    and to the OP, if your dry i would recommend scraping your pipe and smoking the resin. just be careful not to break your piece when your scraping it.:smoke:
  6. ok i dont about all this I scraped up a phat little resin ball this one time and smoked it and nothing even happend like I didnt even get smoke off of it , it didnt even burn or anything... wth?
  7. lol...did you try holding the lighter there a little longer?
  8. #8 BCD8074, Dec 28, 2008
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    wow, you have no clue what you're talking about...

    YES THERE IS TAR PRODUCED BY SMOKING MARIJUANA...please do research before you make responses

    YES resin does contain some pretty nasty shit so be forewarned

    that doesn't mean i don't smoke resin though...stuff will get you pretty blazed (doesn't last as long and usually ends with a headache...i still smoke it when im desperate though)

  9. I have an idea, and it involves you not "correcting" me when you're outright wrong. Any plant material, when burned, creates tar. It's the waxes and uncombustibles in the plant. Yes, there will be some THC, but if you're that desperate for your high that you'll take a shitty high that ruins your lungs, re-evaluate your habit.
  10. Is it so easy to break your pipe scraping it?

    I tried it, smoking the scrapings, and well, I don't think it's worth it that much, maybe only when you would be very desperate. Especially now I know it contains such bad things...
  11. resin is alright if you like the taste of asshole.
  12. half of you fucking troll for arguments. live and let live, jesus. who gives a fuck if someone wants to smoke resin? does that affect you? NO.
  13. he asked about it so therefore everyone is entitled to share their opinions.
  14. its pretty easy not to break it if your careful... just dont apply too much pressure and it shouldn't break (providing you dont have a real "thin" glassed piece)
  15. #15 Acid Raindrops, Dec 28, 2008
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    You are getting tar regardless of how you smoke marijuana or if you are smoking shwag, dank, resin, out of a bong, a pipe, even a vaporizer has a very very tiny amount supposedly, no one should have to re-evaluate their habit for smoking resin. I have smoked it numerous times and no it did not end with a throbbing headache and people over exaggerate the health dangers, what isn't bad for you? It without doubt is worse for you since it is tar, a bong or vaporizer would be more suitable for smoking resin but people need to stop over exaggerating shit, it pisses me off. Like, oh if your willing to risk smoking resin that goes into your lungs with every hit of weed ANYWAY you should re-evaluate if this hobby is right for you. How does that make sense?
  16. :hello:
  17. It's a wooden pipe, so I don't know if it's going to break anytime soon (I hope not). Well I don't care if people want to smoke it, but I didn't really like the taste and it didn't have much effect. I'm only going to smoke it when I need it. Thanks for the advice anyway everybody. And Acid Raindrops is right, it doesn't make any sense to say such a thing.
  18. I am new to the resin and scrapings thing, but I am really into it. I want to learn all about it. But the scrapings, from what I've learned, are not resin. There might be some resin in there, but its some ash, leftover bud, and just generally burnt weed, you know? I have a pretty nice camera and took some pictures to see exactly whats in it. From what I've seen, it looks promising, but kinda gross. I've done it twice before and got pretty high both times, the first time wasn't too fun but it was okay, the second time was pretty good. 
    Scraped Close Up1.png
    This is my first time posting on a forum so I don't know if you can see the pics, but this is pretty much what I get from scraping. You can see a little green, but mostly black and fibers. Hopefully this helps in some way. 
    -JohnCollins :smoke:
  19. Are you Fucking serious posting in a forum topic that is this old is against forum rules expect punishment

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  20. Oh My God. Am I going to DIE!?!?!! jeez, i literally just made an account, back off as swipe.  :confused_2:

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