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Pipe Or Bong ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flyingtigers, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Alright everyone so i have about $40 to spend and im not sure if i should get a nice glass pipe or a cheap bong because i dont feel like rolling all the time. I personally like bongs the best but it will be harder to hide in my room compared to a pipe. so what do you guys think i should get? any recommondation on what type of pipe or bong too? :confused_2:
  2. Get the bong man! It will hit way harder.
  3. why not get the best of both worlds and get a nice glass bubbler. I spent $30 on a nice sized glass bubbler. Hits very smooth, and you can always just do a gravity bong to get really high.:smoke:
  4. I personally enjoy the bong because it gets you a whole lot more for your buck. I think the percentages go something like this:

    Joint = 20 - 30% THC
    Pipe = 30 - 40% THC
    Bong = 40 - 60% THC
    Vape = 80 - 90% THC

    (These could be a little bit off.)

    You`d end up saving a lot more weed with a bong. Pipe can get you going alright for a while, but then you`ll end up burning through pot like it were nothing. Whereas a bong, cheaper or not, would get you ripped off less.

    I would personally invest in a bong. Pipes just don`t seem to be worth it to me. Joint or bong is the way to go.
  5. you can drop 20 or so and buy a bukket gravity bong which can be hidden well. you can drop 20 on a nice glass pipe (depending on place) or 20 on a cheap acrylic bong. you can spend 40 on a solid bubbler. check different sites out and read reviews.
  6. I also have made a pretty bomb ass bong out of an aluminum bottle. I just had to send $6 on the pieces from the head shop and $3 on the bottle. Its simple drill the hole and put the stem in. Nothing like a bong to get you ripped but i seem to burn through more weed with a bong. Pipe lasts me a little longer actually. Vap is the weed savior tho
  7. You could also be a cheap-o and make a gravity bong, or a third lung. For less than $10. Third lungs have got me pretty wrecked.
  8. For $40, I would go with a pipe.
  9. Bong all the way. Just hide it in a guitar case or something.
  10. Glass bong if you can afford it, acrylic bong if you can't. But don't let us influence your decision, there is nothing wrong with pipes.:D

  11. getta bubler lol that way you get both
  12. Thanks guys im thinking ill probably get a bubbler, any bubblers u guys would reccommend for around $40 that are online? Should i go to my local bong shop and check out theirs and prices?
  13. Definitely the bub man, they can hit hard, easy to hide, and much more convenient than a bong. I picked up a nice bub from my local shop for 40, so I recommend checking your local places out first.
  14. I'm all for bongs but it sounds like for your situation a pipe would be better. For $40 you can get a pretty nice pipe, it'll be easier to hide, and it's still better than rolling up Js all the time.
  15. If you're worried about hiding it, I'd say a pipe.
  16. Ive tried doing both a bong and a pipe at home, but ive found that jays are easier and i like the high better

    i find that:
    bongs: couch lock and get you wrecked
    pipes: get you talkative and head high

    its easier to hide just a jay and a lighter, than a pipe, weed and a lighter. (if your gonna be walking past unnawares parents to get to your smoking area)
  17. do some research, actually, besides the vape, the joint has the most amount of THC received, then it's a pipe, then a bong. the water filters some cannibanoids out so its smoother, but its definately not better then a pipe or joint. However, you get a huge hit all at once rushing to your lungs... so it is a better way to get high quicker.
  18. Ok heres the real skinny on bong vs pipe. you really need both. get a nice glass spoon for 40 off etsy, you can get some killer peices there for that price.

    that being said i only smoke them on the weekends, of coarse special occasions can change that. If you get a bong an start using it really regulary the bong wont save you any weed See its about what your used to not how high each item will get you. When I smoked my bong daily i got really used to it. when i toked a bowl with friends they would be baked and id just be a lil high.

    and i was smoking a bong rip after rip like if i was tokin on a pipe.

    Get the pipe then later on spend the money on a nice bong.

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