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Pipe or bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StonedBitchh, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So, I've been an everyday smoker for about 2 years now. Living in Australia I find it hard to find strains, there's just your basic bush or hydro. (where i live anyway) it seems like nearly all weed i get fails to give me that amazing high like it used to. Could it be because i have only ever used bongs? And is it true pipes get you higher/but are much harsher? :)
  2. No, pipes dont get you higher. They are harsher but there is no way that a pipe could really get you more stoned than a bong, its actually the other way around. Unless you are taking very small hits or not using the bong properly, honestly i just think you are starting to develop a tolerance. You may just need more bud to get high.
  3. Okayy. I only use a cone peice not a bowl, and slightly mix with tobacco.. Maybe its time i step up my game and get a better quality bong and/or smoke straight.

  4. I disagree.

    When I was regularly smoking out of a bong (most days for about 9 months) and I would hit a friends pipe occationally, it would definitely get me more stoned than the bong.

    Soon after noticing this, I bought a pipe of my own. Same thing, I got more stoned with a dry pipe than with a bong.

    I still continued smoking the bong though because it produced much smoother hits.

  5. Hmm thats interesting. I guess its different for some people. The main reason i say that bongs get you higher is because i started out smoking a dry glass spoon, and i would get pretty high, then i got my bubbler, i started getting really high, and once i bought my bong, SUPER baked. I find that bongs allow you to get larger hits and cooler smoke so you can hold it in a bit longer to absorb thc. But a pipe hit is pretty nice sometimes

  6. yeah i would pack a nice fat bowl of the green in a bong with some cold water, and just rip it like youve never before. Some of my virgin lung friends have got their best highs off a couple big bong hits. :bongin:
  7. I've found that the only real thing that gets me higher is an airplane
  8. Sweet as.. Thanks guys! Any suggestion on what type of bong i should get? Seeing as I've only very had your typical, glass bong with a rubber/plastic stand and a small cone peice. What should i look for to get a bowl and all that goes with it?
  9. If all you've been hitting lately is a bong you need to switch it up. Tolerances can change when you change methods of smoking; each method of smoking delivers a different amount of active cannabinoids at different rates. Bongs tend to be the most exalted form of smoking as the rate of thc delivery is much quicker. Chillums and pipes don't filter any smoke so that means it's a different amount of cannabinoids. If you understand what I'm saying, by having a variety of pieces you can keep switching it up to keep your tolerance at bay.
  10. I get what you mean.. I've definitely gotta go and get myself a nice assortment of smoking devices and switch it up every now and again.

  11. Well any glass bong will do really, but it really depends on how much you wanna spend. There are $600 bongs out there with 20 attachments and all this stuff but thats for the real enthusiast. If i were you i would get a decent sized glass piece, not big though, maybe if you have some friends with bongs, try theirs out. Some people prefer small ones, some people prefer large ones. Im cool with anything that is slide not carb, and has ice pinches. Its really upto you, but if its a piece you are planning to keep for a while then i would suggest putting in a serious investment. Cheap pieces WILL break. High quality glass is a stoners best friend. sorry bout the rant, enjoy your new bong! :bongin:
  12. Hahah, yeah I'll leave that to the people who reallyyyy know what they're doing.
    I like the idea of ice catchers and the nice smooth hit but they're so hard to clean! Its pretty much trail and error i guess, if i buy something wrong, i know not to again. If its right, im lucky. I have a pretty good idea on what to look for now..
    Oh, and rant away, if you couldn't.tell, that's a bad habit of mine, especially when stoned. :3
  13. I second this, I love smoking out of a pipe at night now instead of my bong.

    But OP I'd go for a bong! Best investment ever.

  14. Ice catchers hard to clean? A good shake with some 91% iso and salt should have it clean in no time, oh and if you are looking to buy a glass bong, dont get caught up in all ROOR hype and all that, check out local glass shops, sometimes they have some of the best pieces ive ever seen. But if you want to get a big brand name, then i would recommend EHLE glass, i have their 100ml bong w/ ice notches, best purchase i have ever made.
  15. I've heard of EHLE. An internet site i was looking at had hundreds.. I bought an agung bong and it was not the best investment I've made...
    This is why forums are so much better, id been told to use rice instead of salt from a friend and the rice went soggy and got stuck in places.
    Thankyou all! I was so sick of talking to people who had smoked 1 joint and thought they knew the ways of the world. Its refreshing for people to know what they're talking about and be willing to share instead of hate.
  16. Smoke a 1 gram blunt and youll be taking back everything you said about not getting that feeling anymore lol
  17. Another quick question :/
    Are brands like g-spot & black leaf bongs trusted & good quality? Im seeing these brands alot.
  18. Black leaf has some quality glass.
    And, I feel like if you ONLY smoke out of a bong, you should switch it up every now and then. Smoke a spliff. Smoke a blunt. Hit the pipe. Even a glass blunt :smoke:

    I feel every type of smoking method gives you kind of like a different high. So it's nice to switch it up every now and then :)
  19. The reason you are not getting high is because of your tolerance. If you take a break and let all the THC and stuff get out of your system completely (about a month and a half) you will be able to get really stoned again. The same thing happened to me and I took a little break and now I get really high again.
  20. Stick to the bong

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