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  1. Gimme some ideas. I've already made a bamboo bong, a bamboo hash pipe, and i'm in the process of making a big bamboo pipe. I need ideas to keep me goin. I'm thinking a coconut shell hookah if i can just figure out a way to get the coconut out without breaking the shell.

    Also, where can i buy just cones or bowls. I've been using stuff like brass hose adapters that go form like 1 inch to 1/4 of an inch. I'd like to buy metal cones or round bowls though.

  2. go to home depo or whatever hardware store is around and take a look around you wont find any fruit but you should get a few ideas ive also smoked a pipe made from an apple that worked untill the apple whent bad hell you can make somethin to smoke from out of almost anything

    ps you can usualy get at least two sizes of cone bowls or round bowls as well as assorted size stems at any head shop

    also stick tac the stuff they sell to put up posters

    is great for homeade seals
    keeps the leaks out and
    can be reformed and reused
    as many times as nessasary

    good luck and keep us up on new expairiments
  3. i'm thinking maybe a block of solid wood
  4. can anyone help ? I'm raking allover the place for a site where i can buy some cheap bongs wholesale style. Even bong and pipe parts. (probably better, cheaper)
    the help would be much appreciated :)
    Cheers peeps.

    The UK will have its "LEGAL" day !

    happy toking.

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