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Pipe-it is in stoner cat heaven......RIP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BrummieFarmer, May 16, 2010.

  1. To all those who knew pipeit or those especially that had the time to stop, look, comment and say such nice things about the poor tiny kitten I originally found in a black bag cuddled up to his dead siblings. Maybe in hindsight we have an understanding as to why they were dumped like trash. Unfortunately I was too find out that she had a type of immune deficency like human AIDS. F.I.V its called which stands for feline immuno virus or similar. It was a horrible virus that just ate away at my lucky growroom cat. She even came and lay beside me in bed and ever so quietly miaowed as if to say she'd had enough then curled up and went to sleep, sleep that she was never to wake up from.
    My favourite memory was her photo that is in my gallery. She even made it into SoftSecrets (u.k/dutch grow mag) and won herself aload of great black label seeds with that same photo. Last years summer issue.
    So the famous weed cat finally wwent to the growroom in the sky were she is at peace, finally. So when you smoke your spliff, suck your bong or even chew that hash, think of pipe-it, Internationally known growroom cat.

    Peace, thanks for your time. If you were familiar with pipe-its story, thanks again.
  2. :( I'm so sorry
  3. OP I'm so sorry for your loss :( my family lost our stoner cat a few days before Christmas... it definitely sucks :(

    She looked like such a precious little girl!
  4. I'm really sorry man, it sucks losing pets. I don't know what the fuck I'll do when ANY of mine die. :(
  5. aw dude, thats sad man, i had 2 give my cat away b4 i went 2 college, but he was so handsom and well taken care of he made it on the TV for adoption :smoking:
  6. this big bowl of afghani kush is to pipeit.

    my doggys gettin old now, going blind and starting to go deaf, i love her so much its fucked seeing her like this.
  7. I lost my cat smoking buddy early this september, she was only 7 ):

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