Pipe high vs bong high

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  1. SO I read online that a bong will filter out all the cannabiniods in weed that are not water saluble. So if i smoke out of a bong will i get a different high that with a pipe?
  2. Not rly.... But bongs offer bigger hits....
  3. Hmmm, that's a toughie. I know I get lit quicker when I use a bong, because I can take bigger hits and all that, you know what I mean. Anyway, the only difference I see is that the high is, uhhh, 'fresher', I guess. It's an easier process of smoking, so I'm more relaxed because I don't have that burning or pain from coughing.
  4. Not really a big difference, it's better for you to smoke out of a bong though.

    Pipes can be extremely harsh on your lungs and you may cough, same with the bong but it's less harsh (from my experiences) I always go on 5 minute coughing trips after smoking out of a pipe, and I've been smoking for 3 years.

    Bongs probably the better choice.
  5. In my opinion, same high, just filtered with water. They are just in basic forms "water pipes".
  6. I much prefer bongs. Pipes just don't do it for me. I like to see my toking tools as a mountain range.

    --------\ . . . . . . . . Joints
    ---------\ . . . . . . ./
    ----------\ . . . . . /
    -----------\Pipes /
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    I think though what you read is way off. Why would the water filter water insoluble chemicals? Unless what you said is just a typo and you meant water soluble chemicals.
  8. There isn't a difference between a pipe high and a bong high, though, in concordance with most everyone else on this thread, I'd have to say that bongs are much more enjoyable to smoke out of.
  9. if im going to be brutally honest, it looks more like the circulation of water in a fjord, but nice analogy :)
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    Nice. I'm high and I thought the same thing.
  11. the high is semi different i guess, bongs hit you quicker than a pipe would due to the greater hit volume. also i read somewhere that smoking from a bong has a higher thc % which i suppose would get you higher but who knows if thats fact. i just like bongs better they seem to make me higher and i would attribute it to the rapid intake of more thc, imo there is an added effect to smoking quicker which bongs allow you to do. plus the feeling of sober to blazed in one hit is sweet
  12. does... not... compute... :confused:

  13. *sputter* WAT.

    Where in God's name did you read such slander?

    Source or GTFO. :smoke:

    But as far as the differences in highs in regard to different smoking apparatuses, bongs will generally get you higher, if you can handle it. That is, they get you higher because you are able to take bigger hits of cooler smoke versus that with a standard pipe.

    It has nothing to do with the processing of cannabinoids or anything like that... That stuff is determined by genetics, how well it is cured and whether or not it's been decarboxylated (at least in the case of cooking, anyway). What you smoke out of is just preference.
  14. i wouldnt say bongs offer a different high at all. just a smoother, more efficient way to get high
  15. I would say for me that pipes give a nice high where you can just go about doing your daily stuff fine. A bong high is more of a couch-lock, holy shit, can only do a couple of things before I want to sit a chill. But then again I end up having a few bong hits lol
  16. dawwww maaaannn. It does too. I should have included snow caps.
  17. I've been a daily bong smoker for almost 3 years now ... It's all I smoke. I have one for my house, and I have one for my car.

    The bong I use inside is a custom blown peice from my local headshop ... and my car bong is a Sheldon Black - the prodigy of ROOR.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl-JrJrGgcg]YouTube - ‪Biggest Kief Rip on Youtube‬‏[/ame]

    here is my house bong ... thats .7 of a gram of PURE KIEF.


    as for the differences between bongs and bowls ... Bowls just dont get me stoned, period. Im a bong man, always have and i always will
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  19. I love how at the end your friend is like "OH DAMN!!!" hahaha. Nice video.
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    What the Fuck?
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