Pipe enhancements/add ons?

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  1. Okay, now I know a little something something about the green, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this or knows anything in regards to the following: I do not have any screens for my newly cleaned pipe. I am tired of getting resin or ash in my mouth. I am not a big fan of pipes much either =/ for this reason, and also the way my weed tastes. But I digress. What I am wondering is if I placed something between the pipe and my mouth in order to "clean" the smoke a little, or help stop me from getting a mouthful of ash, say a shirt or some cloth, will this make a huge difference in the amount of THC reaching me? I am using an old cotton shirt, folded a few times, and placing it on the tip of my pipe. And man, you can really see how the smoke is staining the shirt. I believe it is time to invest in a vaporizer...so now part 2, any suggestions for a good vaporizer under $200.00 lol
  2. 1. I too was wondering if filtering the terrible harshness would affect the beneficial high.

    Unable to find any good answers I decided to invest in a vaporizer.

    It is now in the mail. I anxiously await delivery day so I can see if it actually works as well as everyone claims.

    2. Do research and if possible even test out Vaporizers before you commit yourself to buying. There are people on both sides of the fence for each brand and model.

    No matter which you decide upon don't forget that if you make a mistake and buy one that you dislike you can always sell it on eBay and get something different.

    It's a good learning experience: "at least that's what I keep telling myself"!

    -----------------------------------------------good luck

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