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  1. Received a sherlock styled non-bubbler pipe from a site other than grasscity recently. Have since decided my money would be better spent on a bong or bubbler. Their return policy states returned products must be unused and I have smoked exactly two bowls out of this pipe.

    What is your opinion in regards to attempting to clean this lightly used pipe well enough so that the company would not notice if it has been used or not? Is it possible with the right cleaning method? (already tried isopropyl alcohol and salt, seemed to work fairly well)
  2. Go to Walmart and get Simple Green concentrated cleaning solution. Pour it in a container and place your pipe in it. Let it sit for a day, rinse it with hot water, send it on it's way.
  3. Usually I don't have 24 hours to clean a pipe. I take 99% isopropyl alcohol and pour some in a plastic cup. I microwave it for 30 second. Do not let it get so hot it explodes all over yout microwave. Do not breathe that shit in when you're taking it out or let the steam hit your eyes, it will burn.

    I then dunk my pipe I'm cleaning in the cup. It'll fizz and bubble for a while and you'll see resin flaking off. After 2 minutes of letting it sit I pour all that into a ziplock baggie with salt and shake. Any really stuck residue comes off with pipe cleaners on the inside of the pipe, or like plastic scrapey toothpicks in the actual bowl part.

    I heard the alcohol and salt method, and I know boiling does the trick as well. I decided to combine the 2, and I always get compliments on the cleanliness of my pipes.

    Hope that helps!

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