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Pipe/bong names

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Crimson King, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. What do you guys name your pipes and bongs?
  2. [​IMG]

    his names cleveland, this pic is pretty much when it was brand new, its gotten quite dirty. i know its not great, its pretty thin glass, but it means a lot to me, first piece i ever bought:D
  3. i called mine billy
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  4. sadly ive broken every piece of glass i ever named. since i stopped it ive had the same bong and pipe for almost 8 months no drama. knock on wood lol. instead i just call them the pipe and the bong. its my belief karma wont mess with things it thinks i dont care about:D
  5. Nice, way to fuck with karma. Hahah, I had a blue spoon named Mako that has since been broken. And I had a beautiful cobalt blue hammer bubbler that was confiscated by the popo hours after I bought it.
  6. my pipe has a red white and blue swirl so i named it...

    -edit: RIP as of today
  7. IT, john, delicate, the bong, nuclear bong, KRoNicK, the black purl. theres some good name that are in use today.
  8. i used to own this sneak a toke. one day after getting ripped i stared at it and just realized it reminded me of a tomahawk. so i christened it "little big hit" haha that was the most clever name i ever came up with. all the other pieces i just named "my baby"
  9. i call mine James Bong, and the bub wesley pipes (stolen from half baked)
  10. mine was named cocco
  11. The Dr,Mjolnir (Thors hammer in norwegian) and Croaker the smoker,Purple lava,relic.
  12. Harpooa, Nag Champa, and the Green Meanie
  13. I have this tiny ass glas spoon, I named it lucifer, and i have a bamboo steamroller named the peace pipe, or izabella, or the green lantern
  14. had a red acrylic bong my friends and I named Redonkulous. Just got in my molino mad scientist last week, named it Master Cheef.
  15. I named my first piece just now. Lacey, the name of the first girlfriend I cared about. Plus it's double blown and inbetween the two layers there's red and black swirls that look like lace.
  16. My bong i built has a purple slide on it, and when the embers get sucked through they make the clear purple slide illuminate. So i appropriatly named it Mace Windu, after the only Jedi who carries a purple lightsaber.
  17. The Wizard, Tyrone, Bubbles, Sonic, and Toad.
  18. I've got a spoon called Bowser because it has spikes down the side that make it look like Bowser.

    I got a small little spoon called Jackson cause it cost me $20 and was my first piece.

    I have a little one-hitter called Honeycomb cause there is yellow swirls that remind me of Honey.

    I have a nice big bong named Skyscraper because when you hit it, you're going straight to the sky.

    I also have a bubbler that I have yet to name, haven't really decided on anything for it yet.

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