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  1. Is there anything wrong with cleaning your piece in the dishwasher?

    I've beeb tossing my glass pipes in the dishwasher for years. I just put one or two in the dishwasher every time I run it. Pieces come out looking like new. I mentioned cleaning my bong this way a few days ago and got some strange looks.
  2. Seems like it would make your plates taste like warm sticky rez no?
  3. i clean my bong in the shower all the time. i dont see whats so different about a dishwasher. to boil pipes to clean them ill even through them in a cup of water in the microwave since dorms don't have kitchens. i'd say fuck them. if it works it works
  4. no theres nothing wrong with dishwater as long as you make sure to rinse very well
    as to cleaning the bongs, i prefer to use rubbing alcohol and a little salt.. just put it in there, swirl it around for a while and then rinse. it works great
  5. the problem with rubbing alchol in bongs is that if you have percs, it will be unusable for a few hours bc of the fumes. the best shit is purple power. its even better than formula 420 for intricate bongs bc it doesnt have the salt that gets stuck in places.
  6. if you heat the epsom salt-rubbing alchol solution in the microwave it helps dissolve the salt crystals but they are still rough enough to get the job done. if you rince it out good then the fumes will not stay around. that is how i clean my 4 chamber.
  7. DONT BOIL PIPES!!! the heat weakens natural stress points in the glass making it more brittle and easier to break. instead use isopropyl alcohol and salt.
  8. Boil and/ or iso + salt

  9. LMAO, if heat weakens our pyrex pipe, then why are we smoking out of them. ROFL!!!
  10. You shouldn't really use soaps/detergent on your glass, it can leave residue and you don't know about the temperature changes during the dishwashing cycle. Just follow the Grasscity piece cleaning guide and use some Iso+salt, it only takes a few minutes as opposed to the dishwasher.
  11. I really don't see any joints in my pipe and it's Pyrex and I have done it for years and my pipe is the shit.
    Also, what about salt or alcohol residue? If you listen to everyone hear you should just buy a new piece everytime you smoke the herb

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