Pink nugs!

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  1. Just an update. 4 weeks into flowering nugs looking good. Two plants are starting to get pink hairs anybody know what strain it could be, they are very thin barely pink hairs.
    One of my plants is doing really bad leaves dry, yellow and falling off, yeilding little bud, last pic, i believe its the heat. Currently cloning with this method but so far no no roots (10 days into it).
    Also i'm using monster bloom and nitrozime anybody reccomend a good dosage weekly? Lights are 4' 4 x 54W 2 red spec, 2 blue spec. fan on low. ozone generator on timer for smell. Am currently on every three days water with ferts + nitrozime then again in another three days then I water with 24 hour water the next three days then i repeat.

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  2. looking good
  3. sorry i dont know what strain that would be...but how big/tall are they? the plants look huge
  4. im not sure how you know how tall his plant is.....but either way damn!! my lil plant is coming up on 1ft
  5. I have had some green with pink hues in it, the guy who grew it didnt know the strain but it was name pink lemonade.
  6. I know the kid growing the plant that is how I would know how tall it is.
  7. Hey great fluro grow dude gratz on that one!
    Nice plants too for 4 weeks of flowering.

    It looks to me that your plant may have nute burn, the tips of all leaves are brown.
  8. oh ok i didnt know that.....i thought you "thought" you could tell by the pic. my bad
  9. Most probably a purple strain, for instance Purple Haze etc etc.

    Nice looking colla's, glad some are taking advantage of dual spectrum flourescents, works very well i use it for veg stage while my main room is under hps for flowering.
  10. Yep looks very simular to how my Purple Haze flowers... hope you took some clones :)
  11. Hey chrome,
    Just stopping by to say nice grow man. Plants look oh so good. Your tips are brown like that from heat stress. What are the ranges of temps in the grow room? + Rep for this one.
  12. The temperatures range from 80 - 95. I try to open the closet doors as long as I can. Most of the time the temp is at 85 to 90. What u mean by "+ rep..."
  13. + Rep is me leaving you a positive reputation. To check you reputation points go to "user CP" on that page you will see all your reputation points which is feedback that people leave you.

    As for the temps, they are a bit too high. Is there anything you can do to lower them? You might need to construct some type of exhaust system.
  14. Just wanna bump this question again for all yall smokas:

    Currently cloning with this method but so far one has very small roots (10 days into it).
    Also i have nitrozime and monster bloom. Could somebody give me a basic fert schedule for the weeks of flowering? and if my ferts are the best they could be?

    Thanks for the reps SmknVTEC and urgr8estfear
  15. Yo man.
    Never used those ferts before. I think if that monster bloom is that liquid chemical fert I am thinking about, you can give it about every other watering. The other one I have no idea.
  16. "Grotek Monster Bloom - A plant fert to help blooming (0-50-30)". It's this purple powder that you add 1tsp/5gal. So every other watering sounds good to everybody?
  17. One of my clones is not doing to well. It looks as if it's about to shrivel up and die. They're 13 days into the cloning process and they have roots. Can I just cut the top off and expect another top to grow? I will be veggin for another 3 or 4 weeks after I move these clones to my first ever hydro system hooray! :hello:

    Criticism please. I believe I shaved to close to the bottom of the clone that's why one of'em is doin really bad. Somebody verify this for me.

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  18. Not sure what you mean by shaved to close to the clone. From what I see on the picture, if you cut off the tops and leave no leaves, the plant certainly won't make it. No leaves, no growth. Time will tell.

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