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Discussion in 'General' started by MrWillyWanker, May 16, 2003.

  1. i just rented this shyt and i cant wait to watch it. ive heard nothin but good things about it. i got a half ounce of dro and im just gonna sit back wit the lights out and just start chiefin while this is blastin on the surround sound.

    so has anybody in here seen it? i already love The Wall album so i should equally love the movie. i heard its real trippy though, some pretty graphic scenes. (Pink shaving off his nipple? yuck)
  2. one word for it.......AMAZING.......if you like floyd, you'll love it.......and especially stoned.......Peace out....Sid
  3. never seen it but i love Pink Floyd and im gonna rent that too.....enjoy your dro!
  4. first time i saw it it was also my first time shrooming and i went out and bought it. i didn't understand it when i half watched it because i was sober. but the night i shroomed i understood it so clearly. peace.

  5. me too, I wanna rent it soon, so i can see it and i need to save some bud for when i watch it too...
  6. so i watched it completely stoned last night and i must say i didnt understand one bit of it. to me it just seemed like lots of different scenes that had nothing to do with the other. for some reason my eyes were glued to the screen though. the animation is really cool to watch when your blown. i love the whole mood of the movie. when i was watchin it i was thinkin how they purposely made this shyt to be watched when your under the influence of somethin. how they probably had the the best drug scientists in the world giving the directors and stuff ideas for how to make people think crazy thoughts when they see this movie.

    ibut anyways, 'm gonna keep watchin this movie until i understand it. should i watch it sober next time or watch it high again? i really liked watching it high.

    sorry for rambling. just had a sunday mornin wake and bake session with my friends new bubbler
  7. Its pretty confusing if you don't know what you're watching.

    Spoiler warning I guess:

    It starts off as Pink, a popular singer, becomes wicked depressed and it goes into flashbacks throughout his life of things that happened to him that attributed to this depression. Except its more than a depression, he builds a 'wall' around himself, isolating himself from everybody. Flashbacks include his father dying in the war, his pet dying, his school teachers tormenting him, his wife cheating on him, and others. Near the middle of the movie he turns to drugs, he becomes a complete psycho, and very racist almost like a nazi IMO. Each song clarifies the situation more if you pay close attention to the lyrics. Its almost like he is starting a war or something is the way I took it. But at the end something happens that changes the way he thinks and the wall comes crashing down...

    One of my favorite movies to watch baked (and even not). Awesome animations (Goodbye Blue Sky & Waiting For The Worms rule). And its so deep you rewatch it a lot of times. They just came out with the 25th anniversary edition, you get a free poster and crap too. Its a must buy!
  8. dude that movie is fuckin awesome man
    my favorite scene has to be goodbye blue sky. its so fuckin crazy!
    i wanted to buy live at pompaii yesterday but they were sold out at fuckin best buy! best buy sucks ass!!!!!
  9. For some reason I wanna say I got depressed the first time I saw the movie. I have a burned copy of it but I rarely watch it, I'm too lazy for movies sometimes.

    Why am I replying in a 2 year old thread?
  10. I saw that movie and it is just AMAZING! I am just out the door to pick it up and watch it again.
  11. i haven't seen the wall in several years, and i don't remember too much. i do remember it kicking ass, though. i can imagine it's amazing baked as well... mmm, comfortably numb...
  12. i love the wall. i want to watch it on shrooms. ive watched it sober and high before. great stuff. i felt like i could kind of understand it, but just not see it... so when i trip it should be a delight.
  13. Great movie!! any floyd fan will love it :hippie: great to get nice and baked and watch it =),
  14. I watched it when i was really stoned, very trippy i dont remember any parts of it thought just that its very trippy cuz everything is connected and shit
  15. a real great movie. anyone likes this movie, its just that good.:smoke:
  16. i watched this movie on 2c-i, very nice.
  17. I love that movie. Seen it like 10 times(since i have it) I wanna trip to it, but first i must aquired some phycedelics.

    Also for whoever said about Live at Pompeii, i just got that movie, it fucking rules if you like there shit from the Saucerful Of Secrects album.
  18. I just watched this movie for the first time on acid last night. I've seen it before and it didn't make any sense at all when I was stoned.

    But on acid, things became very clear about that movie. It's meant to trip you out when you are on hallucinagenics!

    I've heard of similar movies before shown at music festivals but this was the first I've seen while on acid and man- was it incredible.

    I would not recommend watching this movie at all if you are not tripping. It is not meant to be seen if you are not. I am fully convinced of this and I know this is an old thread but I want to discuss this point.

    People are saying it's great to watch on weed but let me tell you right now it isn't meant for watching stoned- if you like the movie and haven't tried hallucinagenics then you try them THEN watch it.

    I remember watching this movie before and seeing it as a confusing ass music video- but last night I saw it for what it was. He is tripping nuts in the movie and it's about tripping you out. WATCH IT TRIPPING GUYS!!! :D
  19. I'm probably the biggest Pink Floyd fan you'll ever meet, so, needless to say, I've owned this DVD since the day I bought a DVD player. I had the VHS version on perpetual rental up until that point. I've seen it countless times, and listened to the album countless times. Just a few things about this movie.

    In order to understand the movie, you can be sober. All you need to do is read the biographies of the band members. The Wall is an accumulation of the real life histories of mostly Roger and Syd. If you understand the history, you'll understand The Wall. I don't want to spell it out for you because it's more fun to discover on your own. But research "Anzio Invasion Roger Waters" and you'll understand young pink and you'll understand why the line in When the Tigers Broke Free, "And that's how the high command took my daddy from me." makes me want to scream in sheer horror every time I hear that line. You'll understand why kind ol' King George signed the scroll with his rubber stamp, you'll understand everything about Young Pink. As for adult Pink in a relationship, that's a collage of all love interests for the group that is personified in Pink. As for Nazi Pink, that was Syd's distaste for the blind faith of fans. "Who let all the riff-raft into the room? Why if I had my way, I'd have all of you shot!" Syd hated how fans so blindly followed him, dripping on every word he said without researching if it were true himself.

    This is a very basic explination, there is so much more to it, and I guarentee The Wall is 100% biographical. Every syllable of every lyric in it is dripping with truth, you just need to discover it.

    So, it is very possible to watch this sober and understand it; I did for years of my life. All you need to do is understand what type of band Pink Floyd strived to become. They are not you ordinary band who puts out songs/albums to sell as many as possible. They pour their souls into their music, and pretty much all Pink Floyd albums are similar in the sense that they are biographical.

    Take Matilda Mother from Piper at the Gates of Dawn,

    Is one of my all time favorite quotes in all of written form, especially by Syd Barrett. There is so much history in that one stanza about Syd's childhood and it's something I can relate to as my mother did the same thing. If you read the book "Saucerful of Secrets" it describes exactly what this line means. Syd's mother basically told him how the world was when he was a child. She didn't hide anything, and his young mind was unable to process the world for what it really was and he's resentful towards his mother for that reason. All she had to do is read from a text and everything would be fine. Why did cliches not work for his mother?

    So that shows how their earliest of albums is biographical. Lets move on up to Division Bells; their final album in 1994.

    Division Bells is a much more adult theme. It's not longer young genius kids in a band singing about real issues. now it's 50-something guys singing about divorce. Some of my favorite lines come from this album.

    Basically, everything Pink Floyd ever touched is dripping with emotion and real-life situations which faced the band members. And when you listen to Pink Floyd, this is what you need to keep in mind. Once you understand this, everything you've ever known about Pink Floyd will be turned upside down, and they too will become an obsession for you as well. They are not to be listened to lightly. And you don't need to be under the influence to understand. Because they speak to the masses. They speak to anyone who's ever suffered. They have songs for every single emotion human nature can feel. Depression, Spite, Regret, Happiness. There is so much to them.

    edit: BTW, one of the greatest experiences of my life was when I found out this non-mainstream theater in my city was playing a midnight showing of The Wall on the big movie theater screens on my birthday. I got all my friends who loves Pink Floyd and we all went. Met some bad ass people. Met people who trully understood Pink Floyd and don't just love them because everyone else does. I had some very interesting debates that night...

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