Pink floyd lazer show

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. Last night I got really high and went to the pink floyd, the wall lazer show with my dad. It was so bad ass. That was the first time since I was 7.

    Anybody else seen it?
  2. HELL YEAH! i saw that twice! once at some science planetarium thing and another time at a huge local opera house during an anniversery show, the second one was much cooler, they had tons of shit besides lasers like different fogs and colored smokes and shit.

  3. Both times have been at the pacific science center for me in the IMAX place. They had that fog shit too. It looked like clouds or oil on water, it was crazy.
  4. youre from washington right? seattle area?
  5. Right-o. Is it snowing where you are? It's been snowing for three days non-stop here.
  6. not in portland, but Eugene had snow all day yesterday and a few times last week..but we were spozed to get like 4 inches total by tomnight and all weve gotten is rain....oh well, thats oregon for ya
  7. We have like 5 inches unfortunatly. On the bright side, it stopped snowing.
  8. well back to the lazer show....I went in Philly to see it a few years back and MAN it was *awesome*...
    Ive always wanted to go back to see it again..I wasnt into floyd as much as I am now..
    I heard that in Philly they're re-building or imporving the planetarium. I wonder what theyre doing to it...?
    keep it real..
    lol with visuals.
  9. thats cool...The WISTEC Planetarium in Eugene just opened a few of these new shows, one of them is like exploring the body and shit, like disneyland or something..but they showed a small preview of it, like going thru the optical nerves of someones eye and weird shit..looks major gonna go check that out when it opens to the public in march
  10. How do i find out where one of these shows is?
  11. Travel back in time 4 years. :p

    (This thread was made in 2002. :))

    However, You can probably find one somewhere. I'm sure you could google it. :D
  12. yeah its coming to aus in november, i'v got my tickets :) hope its as good as i expect it to be
    oh and StonedRoller, theres alot of sites for them, theres a US one, a UK one, a new zealand one an an australian one as well as some more..look 'the pink floyd experience' up in google and you should find what your looking for

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