Pink Floyd Kicks @ss

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  1. i listened to pink floyd for the 1st time tonight! damn they are awesome..... its soooooo trippy........ excellent for weed...... which ive been smoking...... ive download a few songs...... what songs are the best??????
  2. echoes has long been one of my faves....
    and Shine on you Crazy Diamond.
    lucifer sam,
    interstellar overdrive,
    everything from darkside of the moon...
    and.. well... theres to many to start listing them...

    Pink Floyd are the type of band you really need to get the whole albums to really appreciate. they're not know for being the best at concept albums for nothing.
  3. welcome to the machine

  4. trippy of them all, good song
  5. Yes, The Dark Side of the Moon is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the best album of all time. You definitely have to listen to the whole album, though, not just individual tracks. That album is always in my CD player, Disc #1, it's my music to listen to while stoned.

    If you have a copy of it, one very neat thing to do is to set it as your wakeup alarm and make sure the volume is just on the verge of your wake up point. I'd recommend setting your alarm clock 5 minutes before you actually want to wake up. I've noticed that if you get stoned and listen to it the night before, then use it as your alarm clock, you wake up and still feel stoned for a bit. That's very cool! :D

    Let me see if I can explain how I wake up in the morning. The CD opens with a heartbeat, but the heartbeat doesn't wake me up, it just intermingles itself with my dreams, providing for about a minute's worth of really wicked dreams! Then I hear this odd screaming, which mixes with my already odd dreams and makes them even cooler. Then my eyes pop open just as the first chord of "Breathe" hits. The wicked dream sequence that I just had is still fresh in my head and I make a point to lie in bed, contemplating my awesome dream sequence. If I'm really out of it, "Breathe" will end without me hardly noticing (it's such a smooth transition!) and I'll kinda' drift back to sleep through "On the Run." After "On the Run," the bells of "Time" jolt me out of bed and get me on my way to start the day.
  6. Dark Side is definitely the best of theirs, in my opinion, but i also really like Piper at the Gates of was some really early stuff, and is sooo different from what they evolved into
  7. listinin to dsotm right now.

    i must be the blasfeeeemah and say...

    the wall was SOOOOOO overrated. its not even top 5 floyd albums material.

    sorry.. i know.... i'm the only floyd fan ever to think that.. but its uh.. its true. :rolleyes: *oh jeez, turnin into a facist now huh?

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