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  1. Just popped one of these 30min ago and I'm feeling good. Got some jäger but I'm waiting to see how I feel in a bit. 2 shots shouldn't hurt but I'm careful like that. First time rolling in like forever. Only done it twice and neither were this good.

    What's the vibe like city?
  2. :hello: Good vibes headin your way man! :hello:Nothin like a good experience with a little Mdma. I bet you're feelin wonderful! haha. I must admit, i'm jealous. :D
  3. I dint know man. I am feelin a little sick. My chest is kinda hurtn. Probably acid reflux.
  4. Might be that you're still comin up. Sometimes with strong rolls, and especially with molly, the come up gets pretty intense and i have to sit/lay down because i feel overwhelmed and have sort of a "weight" or pressure on my chest. Just take a couple deep breaths, and lie down if ya need to, and you should be alright once you start peaking.
  5. FUCK!!!!

    I have no batteries for my fiber optic lamp:(

    it spins and plays music man!

  6. Dude I just puked. I got nothin in my stomach so I just threw up the water I just drank...

    I'm hoping it's because this was a goodpill and I'm just Rollin balls
  7. I hate to kill your buzz, but i just want to give you the heads up. I just looked on for your rolls and came up with this. I see you're in the Houston (or i'm assuming thats what H-town is on your location) and the report is pretty recent too. Once again, sorry if i'm killin it, but gotta give a blade tha heads up.

  8. I notice that when I do pure MDMA I get heartburn because I suffer from bad acid reflux.

  9. Fuck. Thanks for the heads up man. I searched it too bt I got one hit from Illinois. He said the comedown was bad but that was it. I'm glad I didnk drink that jäger. I'm feelin better now but I'm a Little worried now
  10. No problem, gotta look out for a fellow Boxx'er. Keep us posted so we knows you're all good, and hopefully yours was a different batch!
  11. its always good to not be sketchy wit rolls...

    make sure u fully research wat ur getting bro.

    throwing up isnt good .
  12. If you only took one you should be good. I've taken both meth and meth rolls before. It's not bad at all. I like meth more than e. Then again, i was an amphetamine addict for 2 years (been clean for 2) so maybe my opinion is a bit biased.

  13. Hopefully. The other guys are taking two and one is taking 6 of these. Shit a few months ago I learned a kid that goes upto this gaming place/local drug den took some shrooms and we never hear from him again till about a month or two ago when his mom calls one of our friends saying he died from those. Sad part was, he texted us because he and his friend had two types of shrooms that they got in a field. We told him which ones to take but he ignored us and trusted his friend. And now both are dead. Looking back all that kid needed was a friend. Always willing to smoke us out but he was that akward kid who just tried to hard.

  14. Exstacy got you talking too much boy
  15. :p:D

    maybe some green wil help chill me

  16. ahahah

    but yehhh i can tell your feelin good cause ur randomly thinking back about things loll and seem excited i d k

  17. Based on the longevity of that post, I'd say YOU BE ROLLIN :hello:
  18. LOL dude... i got the best song .. tnnormal just reminded me of this song

    listen listen to this ! [ame=]YouTube - Gucci Mane - Pillz (Bitch I Might Be) (Official Music Video)[/ame]

  19. You know you be trippn when you spend five min staring in a mirror watching your pupils go nuts:hello:

  20. is yu rollin ? bitch he might be.. bitch he might be..

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