Pineapple Express School Speech

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  1. Alright, I had to write an acceptance speech for my class. I had to be the best fan/expert at... etc (we got to make it up) ie Best Quarter, Best wrester.

    Okay, so here's mine.

    Best fan of the month from the Screen Actors Guild for watching Pineapple Express 100 times in a month is... *My Name*.

    I would like to thank Seth Rogan, James Franco, and also Paramount for making it. I'd also like to thank Netflix for giving me unlimited rentals, I couldn't of done that without you. Finally I'd like to thank the Screen Actors Guild for awarding me. I'm glad they recognize my deep love for this amazing movie. I have learned a lot from this movie, and I bleieve it will greatly help me in my future. No one even came close to beating me. The runner-up had only watched in 60 times, but I believe he was watching it for different reasons than me. This took me about 200 hours to complete, luckly I was multi-tasking to make me enjoy the movie more, along with homework and such.

    Any comments? Anything I should add/remove?

    Feedback welcome!
  2. I would have blown the assignment off with a kanye style interruption so I wouldn't have to write anything and get some lulz
  3. This kanye shits getting old, but I still had to laugh at the idea. I could imagine some of the people I know doing it.

  4. Like when someone else is doing their speech?
  5. have someone do it for mine so I wont have to finish it :D
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    hey, im sorry. BUT

    Half Baked is the best movie of all time!! OF ALL TIME!!!

  7. ^ Hahahah ya dude that would be fucking hilarious

    Please do that and tell us how it goes
  8. I have a feeling that wouldn't go well with a teacher, ha.

    My speech is only like 40 seconds and it has to be 1-2 minutes :\
  9. Depends on if your teacher has a good sense of humor or not...cuz that would be so fucking funny.

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