Pineapple express - first time

Discussion in 'General' started by dbx64, May 13, 2011.

  1. watching it right now for the first time blazed as hell. I'm only in 34 minutes and this movie is fucking amazing. :hello::smoke::smoke:

    Just thought i'd liek to say it's a good fucking movie so far.
  2. If you want REAL comedy, check out Bill Hicks.
  3. pineapple express not real comedy..........WTF?

  4. That's a good movie. I watched Scott Pilgrim today while high, best experience everrrrrrr
  5. what point in the movie made you think "im going to go tell grasscity im watching a movie" idk i would never think that idk maybe that just me
  6. Meh to me it was just alright. Granted i wasn't stoned but it just didn't make be bust out laughing. Same thing with the hangover. I actually liked that movie though.
  7. Didn't care for it.
  8. Good movie. :smoking:
  9. how can you not like it. not even cuz its completely about weed. i always laught my ass off whether im high or not.

  10. there should be a dislike button
  11. pineapple express is good but harold and kumar is better :D but i fucking hated the hangover... i know everyone hates me now, but imho waaaay to much hype :XX
  12. Fuck the PO-LICE!! You should watch instead of posting.
  13. i thought it was pretty funny. and i watched it before i ever smoked, i've still never seen it high.

    fuck the pooooliiiiceee
  14. :eek:
  15. It's a pretty good movie, but i've watched it too many times now as with others, and yeah I didn't really like the Hangover that much either lol
  16. Pineapple Express sucked, The Hangover sucked, and the Hangover 2 will suck.
  17. I love pineapple express, but I still thought it was going to be better.

    You know what movie kinda sucked? Your Highness... I saw it on 420. and it made me laugh and it was funny. But looking back I think it kinda sucked lol. I'm going to have to watch it again some day and see how it holds up.

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