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Pineapple chunk? is this weed ok to buy help PICS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Lukeyx, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. #1 Lukeyx, Nov 19, 2014
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    Hello forum I can get this  weed from a bro is it good grade? it's not really green it's more brown but has tons of thc he wants 80£ good bro of mine always get weed i took pictures before i can go and buy it tomorrow the next few days what you reckon should i do it? 
    My mate says its pineapple apple chunk 
    thank you for looking
    PICs below


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  2. Sorry it looks awful.
  3. I'd pass on that looks good crystal wise but that off color and it looks like mold on one of the buds almost like webbing lol I wouldn't want to inhale it lol
  4. Is that fuzz mold? Not the trichomes, the furry white patch on the bottom n first pic, looks like mycelium :-/
  5. Lol it is mold. I bet it was already smoked and someone has an itchy cough that will progress into spitting blood

    How fun
  6. looks like it was once good bud but got molded or something, i wouldnt buy it 
  7. It looked like it was dying before harvest even began.
  8. stay away.  
  9. Ive got a lung disease from inhaling a mold spore while gardening.

    If you like oxygen tanks and being out of breathe, suffering, i say buy it.

    But if youre not an idiot. Stay far away from moldy weed.
  10. Great eye Blades :metal:

    She has classic Botrytis aka "Bud Rot"

    Uhhh, I would point it out to the guy trying to sell it to you.

    If he is not aware, he should know before he over indulges ...

    But, I have a very strong intuition ... He knows damn well what is going on..
    If that's the case, dude deserves a slap across his face.....

    And part ways... "Bros" do not do this to their friends..

    Sorry man, just being honest.
  11. I couldnt agree more.

    I met a dealer once who said he'll sell to anyone no matter how much money they have.

    I said what if all they have is a couple bucks?

    He pointed to a pile of moldy weed we were standing next to, i thought it was trash, to me it was compost.

    He goes, i bring them out here and in front of them break off a bag.


    Disgusted me.

    Some humans man....

    But its almost as bad that people are "addicts" enough to just not care about themselves.
  12. No he didn't know what's going on i rang him up today and told him what you guy's said i also told him i wouldn't be taking them 2 nug's he was cool with it. 
    Anyways i couldn't get anymore nug's as his now dry, So had to get pop corn nug's but he did me it at 150£ for 28g 
    This dude is not a scumbag he wouldn't internally sell me that I've knowen him for 15 years and been getting bud for at least 5 and hardly had any problems.
  13. Good to hear...

    I wasn't trying to offend, just letting people know, this same scenario happens a lot with underground "activity".

    Mostly I wanted you to tell him that his bud has mold, so he, nor yourself would smoke it.

    But at the same time, I wanted others know this type of shit goes on in dispensaries and underground sales...

    Morale of the story..

    Trust your sources

    I'm happy to hear your friend is good people, cheers.
  14. I've seen erb go like that from idiot's trying to spray it with water or sprite pop lol back in the day ! I've seen people do it to try and add weight onto the bud , it's a complete dirtbag move to try add a few $ on a bag . when in reailty if the person has half a brain they will not come back to grab from that person again. I've seen the spray it seal it in a zip lock and then in no time it has gone moldy!!!!!
  15. I've found that being honest and sticking to your word, will always bring people back and keep your name in good standing with people = PRICELESS ! lol
    if you're selling (with proper legal documents and licenses of course) marijuana, patient/caregiver trust is key.  my guy takes pride in his medicine and won't sell anything he wouldn't smoke.   ive seen him turn people away because he didn't like the tone of their voice on the phone or didn't like the way they approached his place of business (music blasting, speeding, obnoxious behavior).  but at the same time I've seen him give someone who lived a few towns over 2 ounces for free just because he knew he was going through hard times. 
    moral is respect and honesty goes a long way.  specially in a business that could be equally as profitable as it is dangerous. 
  17. What's even scarier than people selling herb that had mold is "dealers" that can't spot mold on there product when a few blades could clearly tell by a pic that it had bud rot might be a good friend but I'm not taking any chances when it comes to something I inhale just my opinion

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  18. Actually yes there is mold on it but it looks like had it been cured properly it would have been good stuff

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