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  1. I pinch my main stem today and it split open on both sides but it still attach to the have anybody ever experience this while pinching? Oh and guess what!! I did this my 2nd week in flowering!!! I really had 2,I was running out of vertical space.
  2. don't do it again
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    Y not? Just asking!!
  4. Stress....stress = hermie
  5. I pinched/super cropped the shit out of my last grow and had excellent results with both my super silver haze and blueberry.... Maybe I got lucky but just sayin
  6. I find topping around week 4 of veg to be my safest bet. Pinching is more of an art and less of a science, so there is a lot of room for human error.
  7. Yeah, but he's in flower.....different deal
  8. I didn't read that part. I have never tried pruning or anything during flower but have never heard it recommended either.

  9. I am unfamiliar with the Pinching technique. I gather, that it stunts vertical growth?

    also, I top around week 4 too, another grower told me to top the day before switching to 12/12. What is the "window" for best topping results?
    or is it mostly up to preference, and strain?
  10. According to Jorge Cervantes, stress caused from topping can delay flowering if not given about a week to recover. I flower around week 5 (depending on plant height) so I have a good week and a half buffer in the event that it would delay flowering. I think the canni-bible says it can add an extra two weeks to the grow which is a waste of time in my opinion. I'd say the best window for topping would be
    Earliest - growth of 4th vertical node.
    Latest - 7-10 days before 12/12

    Pinching is the process of crushing the top growing node rather than cutting it off. It closes the pore unlike when cutting and prevents pest and other diseases fresh cuttings are prone to.

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