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  1. I don't know why this was such a pot orientaded movie. Note i was'nt high when i saw it but it had a lloott of yelling, killing, and not funny dumb nasty shit. So it wasnt exactly funny . No way in hell I'l watch that when im baked ,it would kill my high within the first 20 minutess. plus it kinda sent a poisoned "legalize marijuana" view on mainstream america... So review. would suck to watch high, not that funny though some parts made me luagh, probably the oposite of the thing you'd show to your non-smoking freinds to get them to smoke (if you'd do that)... it would make me think marijuana in general is dumb and a waste of life. BBBBBUUUTTT i fucking love me some bud soo keep on tokinn :D :smoking:
  2. I loved that movie! stoned or not seth rogan is a funny mother fucker. haha HOW DID HE FIND US...heat seeking rockets, lions, satelites, barracutas...
  3. It was overhyped, but funny as shit, aw man i told you, you wanted to eat that lollipop outta that stipper snatch, you wanted to do it, yeah you remember what you did, you ate a box nerds outta her Butthole, you promised you wouldnt tell anybody, so many quotables
  4. haha very notable quotes, guess i was disapointed from all the hype built up and i wait forever to see it lol
  5. I felt the same way. Mediocre at best. The diner scene at the end is the only redeeming quality of that film.

    It's been more than 30 years now, and nobody has topped Cheech and Chong.
  6. to be honest i love pineapple express haha sober OR baked...though the FIRST time i watched it was the WEIRDEST movie i had EVER seen lol! But very quotable yes, and also the ending bummed me out :/ WTF happened to dales cute little girlfriend :p and also did saul go back to the barn to MAYBE find remnants or seeds of the OG Kush plants? :p these are things i would like to know haha. Anyways best stoner film ever made TO ME is still that movie hah.
  7. i also thought it was way overhyped, but still i thought it was a pretty good movie. seth rogans pretty much always funny
  8. Overhyped most def...

    but I watched it high...and I laughed my ass off. :smoke:
  9. I'm the only person I know that hates Seth Rogen (outside my siblings). He's just so lame.
  10. i agree with you man, i dont see why people love this movie so much, or maybe most stoners just love anything that has to do with weed idk
  11. movie was ok, definitely overhyped. The quotes is what kept me watchin the movie, other than that the plot was dumb.
  12. Shows you just how much we're actually pawns of mass media.
  13. Before me and a buddy went to see it we bought a pineapple from the grocery store, turned it into a bong, and blazed in the theater parking lot :D
  14. I thought it was funny as hell... I was laughing almost the whole way through the movie... Admittedly, I am fairly easily entertained though :D

    I think the best stoner movie is How High... I was never a big fan of any of the Cheech and Chong movies.
  15. lol yeah pawns of the media for sure, fuck the news its filtered. dumb movies idk i thought the plot was weak too
  16. Hahahahah.
  17. One morning I woke up at 8am and my mom made us both a coffee. We broke out bazooka joe and did the regular wake'n'bake like most mornings. I went back upstairs and watched some youtube vids. When I went back downstairs for a drink, I heard the sappiest shit on TV. She was watching the Notebook.

    So I told her to ditch it and come watch Pineapple Express with me. She ended up laughing so hard her dentures fell out when Seth Rogan was smashing into the parked cars over and over.
  18. i went in thinking i wasnt going to like it.. it wasnt the greatest stoner movie.. but i ended up laughing my ass off in some parts.. the best part of the movie is the very beginning. "private we need you to be serious".
  19. sometimes when you say things like that i get flabergasted.....thanks man....not a compliment

    best part of the whole movie

    "clean up all those bullets wouldn't wanna be vacumeing and shoot my face off :]:smoke:
  20. [ame=""]YouTube - P Express - Daewoo Lanos Mothafucka![/ame]

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