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pinapple express flowering times??

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by petedav, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. as above really,and is this strain any good g13 labs p.e? anybody grown this?
  2. i had some g13 feminized pineapple punch (same thing as pineapple express) seeds I ordered, when the package came all the seeds except one were crushed! The one that made it germinated, but then died. I was pissed.
  3. can any1 help me pls?
  4. What exactly do you want to know?

    It's a great strain, takes about 9 weeks to finish and is delicious. One of the best tasting fruits I've ever tried, I'll be definitely growing it again.

    I germed 5 for 5 :D
  5. Niiice LBH, how was the trich production on it? Were the buds pretty covered? Thought about trying some myself, thanks in advance. :)
  6. #6 LBH, Mar 8, 2010
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    It's got a nice kick to it,...nothing disabling by any means but leaves you very functional, but stoooooned,lol.

    The taste is the big factor on this strain,....friggin yummy:yummy: . Grown properly, it'll give you some pretty dense nugs too. Not dense, dense, but certainly not airballs.

    Like I said,...it's going in again. Right now I have Pure Power Plant, Jack Herer and ak48 going with Wonder Woman and Critical Yumbolt on deck but the PE goes back in after those. It'll be a nice smoke to have through the summer.

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