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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 420girlie, Jul 10, 2002.

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  1. Yeah! I\'m back. I missed you guys. I had a pretty fuckin\' kick-ass trip though. I tried to post this like three times yesterday and every time it took my stoned ass like 45 minutes to type and every time it wouldn\'t let me post, so I\'m gonna post this as a test and then I\'ll post the rest
  2. hey long time no see...somebody said you were goin nuts at some cheerleading camp or something..welcome back
  3. The night before we left we picked up a quarter which we split into an 8th for each island and packed it for travel. First we went to Oahu for 4 days, we stayed at the Mariott right across the street from Waikiki beach. What a blast, we couldn\'t walk 10 feet w/ out getting hit on. We met like 25 marines, some Navy guys, and a shit load of regular guys lookin\' for some ass ;) We each got two new pipes and my dad got a new pipe and a new bong ( which he proceeded to forget behind the tv when we checked out (dumb-ass)).
    Our last night there, we were going to meet some marines at this club, but instead we took some vicodin, hooked up w/ some hot guys from the east coast, got some beers, and headed to the beach to kick it and smoke some bowls. You\'re knowin\' I was gettin\' my groove on, I LOVE east coast
    accents ;)
    The next morning we flew to Kauai. Our hotel was SO fucking bad-ass, we stayed at the Hyatt, it was like the ritz w/ a playboy grotto. We met lot\'s of locals and lots of hot surfers who smoked us bud. Every night was a hot tub party w/ just me, my friend, and an ass-load of hot surfers *swoon*

    I met the hottest boy one night who was in Hawaii shooting a 4-runner comercial w/ some other guys. We got our drink on and went out to one of the hot tubs to get out freak on. This place was so fucking romantic, you have no idea. In the pool there were these little caves hidden behind waterfalls ( In which I spent my fair share of time ;) ) Anyway, back to the story we go into this cave to get our fuck on, and a little while later we see a flashlight shining around in there *shitty*
    It happened to belong to a security guard who basically just told us to get a room, but he wasn\'t the big problem, because who should be waiting by my stuff when I get back to the hot tub, yeah, my dad and boy was he pissed ;)

    Apparently he had been standing out on our balcony and saw the whole scene w/ the security guard. but, what are you gonna do, I had a good time, no regrets, and that\'s all that really matters.
  4. =) Glad to here your healthy girl. =)

  5. hey chick this is one for pandoras box !!! i think your dad should of beat the shit out of your little slutty ass !!! id beat the shit out of my girls if they ever thought of actin that way!!! but they are better than that !!! to many desases to be playing that game dugh!!!!!
  6. dude that has to be the gayest thing i have heard on the city. smoke a bowl and chill out.
  7. for real patchoulie, youve just been bitching about shit like this non stop, calm the fuck down.
  8. Hey guys and gals, everyone has their own opinion about this topic. Noone should be judging other peoiple this way. If you don\'t like what is posted you have every right to press the back button with out bad responces.

    This site is NOT for bashing people. It is for sharing with the rest of the world.

    Please help in keeping this site from becoming a site for bashing instead of communicating.

    Thanks for listening,


  9. Hey yeah, I think child abuse is pretty fuckin\' cool too. For all you know, that could have been the first guy I ever messed around with.and have you ever heard of safe sex? and [sorry ya carn,t say that :D critter:D]also if your gonna start bashing people.

    * sorry everyone else, I totally agree about not bashing people, but when ssomeone straight calls me a slut, i\'m not havin\' it. p.s no point getting anyone else in trouble:D critter .have a great day all.
  10. ya man sounds like an awsome, hawaii trip,im jealous as anything anyways i just was sayin i dont thi nk ur a slut either(nobody gets mad at guys for havin a good time so leave us girls alone) anyways luv yas all, later
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