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Discussion in 'General' started by DaJoint, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Now, I have many hoes, but Im not sure if I should try to go out with three girls at my school, or maybe......no my only option is to go out with them and keep it as secret as long as possible, or to just talk to them a do shit with them on the d-l. Let me know what I should do?

    (i dont want wodin to say any stupid shit about this either.....lol)
  2. I'll let the ladies of the forum handle this one.

  3. lol and u know i wanna too [​IMG]
  4. I think you should find 1 really cool girl and try to KEEP her, then we'll see about 3 of them ;)
  5. stick with one girl, if you don't i hope one of them three girls has a older brother or cousin that will give you a little talk. I'm not trying to be a dick i just don't think you should be one.
  6. Da Joint- be nice!! I know you just have thses girlies straight jockin' you, but i agree w/ 420girlie. Try one and then see. But don't get involved w/ n e thing too scandelous!!! And let it all out Dawodin, all out!!!

  7. Would you like me to s*it mars bars or give you a medal
  8. sorry- bad day
  9. Dajoint, if you're just "dating" these girls, there shouldn't be a problem, don't limit your horizons while young!!

    But don't play them, that can end up like trying to juggle chainsaws!!! :smoking:

    And it's a lot more fun to be with a lady with no "guilt" involved, no lies to remember, no skeletons to hide!!

    (No angry Father's with weapons of destruction!!! LMAO) :smoking:
  10. High school has one purpose. To see how many people you can sleep with in as short of amount of time as possible. You should try and arrange a "date" where all three will be there and a little alcohol and boom boom Captain you!! .

    Just kidding pick the most stable girl that is actually interested in what you are saying and not waiting for her turn to speak. HighSchool is a blur so dont pass up any chances to be with great person. And FYI looks are only skin deep =)

    be smart
  11. I agree with the others, stick with one and go from there. if you're looking to just date multiple people, be straight up with them. don't do the dick thing and let them all think they're the only one you're dating. that gets WAY too complicated & hectic, and hurts feelings in the long run.
    Everyone here has some great advice, hope we all helped ya in your predicament :)
  12. Thanks for all of the advice...I think that I'll go for the first one who I think wants me more:p
  13. i think that, one way or another u are gonna be the one whos gonna get played out!!! then u would regret being a dog like all those otha players!!!!
  14. High All,

    As well as all the other women that have replied, I must agree. A smart man would stick to one and only one. You also have to remember that if you choose not to do things that way it might give you some trouble if the other girls find out about each other. Some of us can be a little dangerous. lol choose carefully.
  15. i still think you should have your ass kicked for even thinking about play'n girls.
  16. Take all three !!! you only live once.


  17. If every guy who thought about playing a girl got his ass kicked, there would be a whole lot of ass kicking going on ;)

    Just a thought
  18. i went for different girls, cause these ones started trippin on me........oh well................pimpin ain't easy.......lol
  19. but somebody's gotta do it...lol!

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