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  1. How does everyone here feel about popping pills?
  2. I pop pills when needed.
  3. anytime i can get some sort of PK, im always happy.
  4. I caught some hell from a few friends of mine for taking a few muscle relaxers after we burnt one. I thought it was kind of ironic. For the most part though any of my friends that smoke also take pills.
  5. iPop

    Cuddies holla "YEE!"
  6. Benzo's, Barbis, Opiates. Thats about it :p

    Thizz coming up soon though!
  7. Mostly hydrocodone (vicodin) when i can get it and occasionally ritalin (have a perscription so... why not?). Did Lorazapam once, but i dont remember anything from that night...
  8. i jsut scorred 2 15mg percs for $20

    next weeks grabbind 3 30mg percs for $50
  9. I do, but I am very respectful about it... they can be really dangerous.
  10. Pills are the shit. Just know when to stop and when to chill with them. To me, theres nothing wrong at all with doing pills like oxy cotton if you can control yourself. I love opiates, but hate the outcome of being addicted to them so much that I would never let myself go overboard with them. I prolly eat an oxy like once every few months, perks and viks dont really fuck me up. My tolerance went real high after only doing perks or viks a handful of times over 2 or 3 years.

  11. Im rollin so hard right now off 4 blue infinities...

    damn i love your sig bro
  12. Fuck living in the midle of the country where thizz is 15 a pill or impossible to find...

    YEE *****!
  13. I have benzodiazepines to go help me go to bed at night.
  14. That first pic made me drool
  15. Pills are indeed good, as long as I'm not doin em day after day an gettin addicted.
  16. yummy!!
  17. I got almost a months worth of muscle relaxants from the doc for my back. Generic Flexeril. They're not bad. I'm finding I'm not so much of a downer fan.

    I want to get some adderall.
  18. i like takin ONE bar every 3-4 months.

    I like cold water extracting a couple lortabs in about that same time frame.

    that's about it.

    if someone offered me some other benzo or opiate for free i'd take it, hell yeah. (happens to me once in a while)
  19. Bars and Somas are my favorites. I usually take 2 bars at a time and just chill out. 3-4 Somas at the time. Before I take anything though I always ask my mom if it's cool to take and how many I should take at once.

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