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  1. Yeah you'd still be hungry but i'm sure if they can make food into pills they can make said pills trick you into thinking you aren't hungry. Thnk about it... a pill that gives you all you need to eat and makes you not desire eating. There are countless pills out there that make the brain work in crazy ways. smoke buds!
  2. Theres not gonna be enough usable land on the earth to feed us and the livestock to feed the 10 billion people (fast approaching) we are projected to level out at , so I see this as becoming a real possibility.
  3. the day we run outta food is the day i say fuck it and become a heroine addict
  4. Wouldn't a subsiquent drop in population be a more logical option than trying to artificially create enough food to feed the planet?

    Also these pills would need to be large. getting enough grams of protein, carbs and fats into say 3 pills would mean some big fucking pills.
  5. Of course.
    I put you in charge of telling every woman they can't give birth anymore.

    The pills would indeed have to be big or there would have to be a lot of them. I guess basically the mass of the pills would be the amount you eat minus the amount you shit.
  6. For the population thing, there already is laws in some countries limiting the amount of children per family, anyway with overpopulation a widespread epidemic that will kill millions definately could happen.

    Also I am pretty sure we only shit out roughly 10% of what we eat, so then we would be eating a little less than before, but just pills. not to mention the massive amount of resources used to create these pills.

    Basically what im saying is that it won't happen
  7. In the example of China where they had a one-child policy for years, many baby girls were "disposed of" because boys were better suited to take care of their parents at an old age.

    I think you're right. Our bodies are very efficient in using food for energy. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Maybe pills are the wrong idea here. Maybe something more like military rations. Like a bag, you add water and there's a meal.
    The massive amounts of resources you speak of are only a theoretical limitation. Perhaps in the future we can create small life forms (proteins) in a lab or a factory very easily.
  8. Theoretically it is possible, but your body needs a certain amount of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) and you can only make those so dense in pill form.... if you were to condense all of them you would still literally need to take a pile of hundreds of pills everyday. It wouldn't be practical whatsoever. Plus, why would you want to rob yourself of the enjoyment of delicious food?
  9. You can replace food with Ensure, not that you should. I have to drink it four times a day for a stomach issue, I've gone 1-2 weeks a few times just drinking that shit when it gets bad. Fills you up to, more so than a large serving of food.
  10. Can you literally replace food with that?
    I mean can you eat only that for decades and be fine?

    What if we come to the point where these 'artificial nutrients' are far easier and cheaper to produce than regular food, and they don't require acres upon acres of forest to be cut down for cattle to graze on or grow vegetables? Eventually, if we keep up our rate of reproduction, we ARE going to get to the point where the Earth can not sustain the human population through farming. Some might argue we are already at that point but I personally don't believe that.
  11. Probably not decades, I think after a while it would really screw up your stomach because of it being liquid diet.
  12. What if it was made in solid form?
  13. This reminds me of an old Garfield comic...

    He fell asleep and dreamed of a world where all food was pills/pellets. The problem - nothing had a taste and despite being full, he was still hungry for actual food.

    Just throwin that out there.
  14. The human body is obviously not made for pills. In fact it's not made for a lot of the shit we do to it but that's a whole different story.

    What I'm most interested in is the human evolution over the next thousands or even millions of years.
    I could see pills becoming an increasing part of our diet, perhaps combined with drugs to combat the feeling of hunger. Maybe if we ever truly become a space-travelling species we could make these pills on board spaceships rather than actual food. They might become much easier and efficient.
    An image of a Star Wars-like city springs to mind, with acres upon acres filled with skyscrapers that together can house hundreds of millions of people in one city. If we ever do develop cities like that, it might have something to do with more efficient producing of nutrients. The more efficient producing of nutrients could be a result of an increase in population or it could be a concequence out of necessity.
  15. If they added a lot of fiber into it, yeah you could probably live off the stuff.
  16. I'm going to feed my future kids only that as an experiment.
  17. Quit smoking schwag man. No highdea can involve a reduction in food consumed. That's pretty much blasphemy. Where the munchies at?
  18. :laughing:

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