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  1. Yo GC , im pretty baked and im always coming up with high-deas .

    so i was sitting there thinking , what if the world just switched over to pills stuffed with all the human nutrients and what not to take instead of eating .

    how would this effect humans and society ?

    idk , just thinking , whats your views ?
  2. I thought about this but drinks instead of pills. Different drinks, different flavors, different things in the drinks.

    Maybe a drink that had everything you needed in it and you drink it three times a day.
  3. Because that's some neo-human artificial Brave New World shit that sounds poisonous and unethical as fuck. I'll stick to 'real' food, even if it were processed it would be better than taking pills.

  4. but from what im thinking , what if there wasnt any real food to eat on ?
  5. You can do this now. Vitamins and protein pills. Try it out and let us know how it goes
  6. You definitely wont get enough calories from pills.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYf_UJVKU_o]YouTube - Louis's Pills of Ultimate Destruction[/ame]
  8. Nutrients aren't the only reason I eat food. I'm a slave to my taste buds.
  9. I've thought about this a lot.
    I can't come to a conclusion myself, because I don't have enough knowledge of biology.
    Is it theoretically possible to put all the nutrients people need in pills? Surely you would feel hungry because there wouldn't be alot of mass in your stomach but can you theoretically live your entire life eating nothing but pills?
    Can you put calories, protein, minerals, amino acids, etc. in pills?

    Of course I'm not talking about water here. Only food. Basically the nutrients from food concentrated into pills.
  10. that is some american shit right there, too fucking lazy to eat food so now we take pills. lol jesus christ
  11. Actually I was thinking about this more as a medicine for anorexics or people in survival situations.
  12. i was actually thinking of this for like getting rid of being fat because America does have a problem with obesity so this could get rid of all the fatty foods and what not and we can be a happy civilization :hello:
    haha sorry im realllly high but it makes since
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    wrong america loves food bro, but nice try
  14. This whole pill thing would work great for survival. But u would still be hungry ;)
  15. Already happening, I know tons of people who eat pills for breakfast.

  16. Yeah, it would be great for people who need to survive in a place that doesn't have much for food.

    But as far as the average person goes? No way. Not unless you make those pills taste like bacon. :laughing:
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    I was thinking more like if the world ever went into a nuclear fallout. And they could stash thousands/life time supply in a bag or something, and they'd be set! Sept for water ofc.
  18. People often bug out when they're on a liquid diet for too long. There's something deeply uncomfortable about never "eating". You might still feel the need to chew and taste things even if you were getting all your calories from the pills. Idk maybe if they could cram a couple hundred calories into a pill it would be good for hikers and campers, and maybe body builders, but I wouldn't give up actual food for a tasteless pill.

    I think a better treatment for anorexics would be a half ounce of MMJ and an all-expenses paid trip to 7-11.
  19. That would be a great treatment for anybody. :D

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