Pill Conundrum

Discussion in 'General' started by BLARNEYSTONES, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. alright i have 5 5.0 mg oxycodone and 5 5mg valium. what shall i do? i'm not a big pill person considering this being the second time i have come across an amount of pills like this. give me your idea, dosage, combo's, injestion.
  2. go to www.erowid.org and look them up.... erowids a great site and would be alot more beneficial than asking on here id think....
  3. well for me with the valuim, id probably take 3 of those 5 mg pills and get a couple beers in me.
  4. I say you have a couple beers, and eat a couple of each type of pill. 2 OCs, 2 Valiums, and 1-2 forties.
  5. I've heard its unwise to mix Benzo's and opiates.
  6. yeh spread it out, i havent had good luck with mixing pills, i say take 3 of the valiums drink a couple beers and smoke, and save the rest for another day, spred that shit out and be fucked up more times
  7. I still fail to see the benefits of taking xanax, the one time I took it I remeber nothing for the hour and a hlaf i was awake, and I slept for 6hrs.

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