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Pill Bottle

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kronikkk, May 7, 2011.

  1. What are your guys' thoughts on a pill bottle for preserving weed? Im talking the orange see-through ones with the perscriptions printed on the front. I think it gives some nice insulation, and it's really compact. I can carry a quad-10g in my pocket and it doesn't even bulge really. Also, the smell is completely prevented from escaping. I was just wondering, though, how is it with preservation? That is, how long can the weed last in there? Is it like a mason jar? Anyone with some experience on this let me know. Thanks.
  2. well i positive that it's effective in weed preservation given that medical marijuana dispensaries use them instead of baggies :)
  3. ^ are not all clubs use pill bottles. Here in the LA area, flip tops, pill bottles, and regular zip lock bags are common.

    They do preserve the weed as a mason jar. However, a mason jar is glass and for storing products, glass is always better.
  4. That's so weird cuz I always make the joke around people that I'm a medical patient cuz I carry it in a pill bottle but I didn't know dispensaries actually used them that's sickk. :D
  5. I usually grind enough weed up to fill a small pill bottle i wrapped in electrical tape.... (so it's not loud orange lol) just pour it into the paper and roll a joint when ever where ever and it doesent dry out, matter fact it collects all the smells from diff weed and smells stupid dank lol.
  6. I keep my shit in mason jars at home (an ounce fits nicely in a jar). Then when I'm going somewhere, or when I'm setting out what I want to smoke for the night, I put it in pill bottles.
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    ^ indeed indeed dbx64,the glass jar is far better than the plastic pill bottles.and yeah i have had gotten weed from a dispenary that was in a zip lock bag,so did my sister,forgot about that,but never the less i was referring to many dispensaries that decided to spend a little extra to dispense their medicine in the plastic pill bottles.
  8. They're ok for short term storage like for about a month. Pill bottles aren't airtight, so your bud will dry out and not smell as good.

    If you really want to preserve your bud for a really long time, then only mason jars will work. You can get them at most grocery stores in packs of 12 jars. There's all sorts of sizes too.

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