Pig Dog

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hippy_Hay, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I gotta tell u guys this shit, a few days ago me and my friend were walking around (i had a few grams) and we walked past this old dude, with an old ass grey not gonna live another month dog. The damn furry pig dog stuck his nose right onto my pocket and growled at me, the old guy had to pull him off me and we started laughing are asses off, THE END!
  2. Some dogs seem to go crazy for the smell. I had about a gram on me when a bunch of us walked into a friend's house once. His parents don't know that we all smoke (although I'm sure they know it's commonly used by people our age, etc.) and they were taking care of this hyper Jack Russel Terrier. Anyway, the dog runs at me and starts insanely sniffing my side pocket. The whole time his parents and his younger siblings had no idea what the dog smelled, I just told them that he must smell my dog...but just in that pocket.
  3. it's teh police! runnn! the feds are comings!!

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