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  1. So do any of you have piercings? I pierced my tongue, eyebrow, cartilage, and I just took my snake bites out because I needed to get a job haha, and I had way too much metal on my face.
  2. HAD a lip ring, ut got infected, combination of shitty metal and food :( but im gonna be getting my tongue and both nipples done soon.....probably with my christmas money from my grandma lmao :D or if i get another fucking job soon.......either way....:smoke:
  3. Make sure you get a huge tongue barbell, mine was too small and I went through hell for three weeks. My tongue swelled OVER both of the balls for about two weeks it was horrible but I didn't want to take it out.
  4. Damn, thanks for the heads up bro.....i'll be sure to do that.......


  5. you musta went to a shitty piercer. they're supposed to know to put in a longer one first, then tell you to come back to buy a shorter more comfy one after the piercing is healed.

    my tongue was pierced three years ago. was 14ga for a while. now it's 8ga. i'm not stopping until it's at least a 4ga. i'm probably gonna get my nipples pierced for my bday in a couple months.
  6. Yeah I got it when I wasn't 18 and my mom wouldn't let me get it, he was a shitty piercer but w/e it's my fault in a way because I bought the barbell but nobody told me how bad it would swell. I started with 14 and I went to 10 i don't really want to get any thicker.
  7. I have snakebites and a tongue piercing. I want lots more, but I just don't have the money at the moment.
  8. I had my lip and left cartilige pierced, but I took them out for job purposes. Plus the labret was wearing on my gums and I like my teeth.

    I've also pierced my left, middle knuckle twice in the past three or four years but the body has a tendency of forcing something like that out.
  9. your knuckle? damn that's pretty hardcore i've seen pictures of people with their wrists pierced, have you ever seen a corset on a girl's back? yeah my labrets hurt my teeth and gums really bad too
  10. when i get some money im going to get some huge diamonds and pierce my ears
  11. Yeah this is just my opinion but I think any piercings, other than girls ears, are pretty gross.
  12. I have quite a few, I have my rook, industrial, two snugs and a labret piercing (that one I did myself!) I had spider bites that I did, but I also took those out. I've also had my ears pierced all the way up, but Ozzfest removed those piercings for me, so I got different ones :)

    The other day I got a daith and an orbital: behold!
    my orbital

    my daith
  13. I've got my septum and ears. My septum kicks ass, it actually sorta smells like bud from all the smoking I do, which is fucken awesome. I can also flip it up into my nose keeping it unnoticable at work.
  14. Yeh, for some reason guys with tongue piercings seems weird to me, but that's just my opinion. I had my lip done, and just recently took it out. I liked it, my Dad and Mom hated it, haha. I won't have anymore piercings, ever, probally. It was cool, but I didn't feel like going to bootcamp with shrapnel in my lip ( as my dad put it,lol).

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