piercings and tatoos?

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piercings and tatoos?

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  1. sexy or trashy???? are you attracted to guys/gurls with piercings and tatoos or no?
  2. i think its sexy when guys have piercings and tatoos..lots of em;)
  3. i think they are pretty sexy on guys...but it does depend on what it is, where it is, and what kind of guy they are on

  4. that sounds cool
  5. :D As stated in a previous thread.....

    I totally believe that tatts and peirceings can be very hot....

    i don\'t know why... i just dig them...

    though if there\'s too much and it doesn\'t look good, then i guess that could be a turn off...

    depends on the person and placement.....:)
  6. well im a guy and i have my tongue pierced twice, and a small tribal band on my left arm, and a huge tribal piece that goes from the top of my right shoulder almost to my elbow. As for on chicks, i totally dig tattoos (as long as they look good and arent over done) and maybe a eyebrow or a tongue pierced.
  7. Metal is damn sexy...
  8. Piercings on girls is fine but like someone said before it depends on the guy and i don\'t think it will suit me having a prercing on me defo.

    Tatoos are kool i wanna get one DEFO!!! :D
  9. i love guys wih lip piercings!! its so hot idk why. i really dont like it when guys have tatoos all over their arms and their back because its like you cant see their skin and i love the color of skin for some reason. it makes them like a work of art, not to be touched. the nastiest thing ever is when they have sooooo many facial piercings that you cant even see their face. but a little tatoo or a couple of piercings can be so hot.

    ive got my ears gauged to 4g and i really like it looks hot on guys too.
  10. never really been a fan of piercings. more on a personal level than on other people, but its still not my fave thing in the world. I just dont like the idea of skewering little bits of metal through my body.

    tatoos on da other hand...
    tatoos are just like any other drawn art... it can be great, or it can be fucking shite.
    i got plans for a really cool tatoo... a life diary that goes right up one arm, then up the other. Once both arms are filled i\'ll go down my spine.
    two minimalistly patterened parallel lines punctuated by circles in which depict major moments in my life. so it would start with my birth and go right to my death (yes, i will actually have to get a tatoo artist to do that one too!).
  11. I\'m planning on shaving my head and getting a tatoo of an eye on the top of my neck/base of my head... Then I\'ll let my hair grow back out.

    This is kind of the eye I want, though I want it only to be black. I may splurge and get an eyebrow ring though.

    Hell, I may get it in color, not sure... My third eye:
  12. hey man I think if you shave your head bald and get a tattoo there your hair aint gonna grow back, I got a tat on my right arm and my left leg, both times it hurt and burnt the shit out of my flesh, so I think it\'d probably damage and fry your hair roots. I could be wrong
  13. I like tats on women if they are well done and don\'t involve black widows, roses, or unicorns. There is nothing more heinous IMHO than a tattoo on a breast, I mean that\'s like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa!!!! NO TIT TATS!!!!!!

    As for piercings, they are ok, as long as they aren\'t in great abundance on her face.
  14. Sorry to disagree, but its just not my cup o tea. Apart from navel piercing or pierced ears, I think that women look best without the other distractions...to me less is more...less hair down there (just a landing strip), a bit of jewelry, natural beauties do it for me....\'course Buzz just may be a bit ol fashioned.
  15. i used to have my tounge peirced..... i had to take it out because it gave me migrains after a while.....

    i used to go out get really bent...an strat clicking it on the backs of my teeth....especially when i was rolling.....

    so i took it out, i\'ve thought many times about gettin it re-done, justhaven\'t had any motavation though...
  16. ZONE DUDE!!!! ZONE ..... DUDE! DUDE!!!...... ZONE DUDE!!!!! :D :D :D :D wooh hooooooo! when did you get back?! good to see u around again.
  17. I dont know about it being sexy or trashy but i\'m a great fan of body art and piercing, I dont have any tattoo\'s of my own (Yet) but a couple of weeks ago I got my scrotum pierced, it looks really good and it didnt hurt so i\'m getting a second one done.
  18. i am getting a snowflake in color, no bigger than the size of a quarter, right above my pussy, like lower than most girls get it, so its gonna be right on the the side right about my pussy
  19. i was gonna get it done this summer, but i might just wait, and keep thinking about it, like i have been really into this tattoo idea for a year now, so i think i can wait a lil longer, it will be worth the wait

  20. Huh???
    What\'s the required age over where you are???

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