Piece Water

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  1. Piece Water. Has anyone actually bought/used this product?
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  2. After thoroughly weighing the pros and cons I have come to the conclusion that for me, any potential benefits of using this product would not justify the cost of said product compared to just changing the water after every bowl or 2.
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  3. No.. I have several bongs, I always have one soaking in salt water.
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  4. @Tokintb12 , I wasn't even aware of RezBlock! After reading about these products I'll continue to change the water in my bong daily and clean it with isopropyl alcohol. I don't use my bong that much and have a reclaim catcher so it doesn't get that dirty and cleans up nicely.
  5. The problem is residue and the build up

    I use boiling water and pour it in a half cup at a time
    Shake to remove the lipids and waxes as well as the extract that gets through

    Tar is a nightmare
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  6. One can obtain 99% isopropyl at most hardware stores. Pour some coarse salt into the dirty piece followed by some of the iso, shake for a minute or so. Really all one needs.
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