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  1. Is there such a thing as having various tolerance levels regarding different pieces? My friend has a vape and vapes every night, and I have a bong which I tend to hit every other night or so. He told me that he doesn't get as high with his vape and that he got pretty high from my bong. I'm just the opposite, and since I recently got an mflb I get so high from it compared to my bong
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    you stole my thread idea dude! hahahahaha that's hilarious but im the vaping friend everybody! :hello:
  3. Two different ways of smoking it. Just like you can build up tolerance to a strain after awhile.
  4. I think you can become more familiar to the high with vapes or smoking so it seems less exciting/different but I do not believe you can have separate tolerances independent of how effective the device is. It all breaks down to smoking cannabis in one form or another.
    To further explain when you vaporize cannabis at the normal temperature range your are mostly vaporizing THC and leaving much of the CBD in the end product (the vaporized bud). That explains the different high you experience from smoking.

    I find it very hard to have a different tolerance to specific pieces!
  5. yes i feel the exact same way. ive been bonging/vaping every other night so now i feel like i want to roll 1 up. (and i hate papers)
  6. There might be a difference between vaporizing and combustion, as ProfessorDANK suggested.

    However, the differences in the high can likely just either be attributed to placebo effect, or if you are sensitive to the change, the different methods of administration might make your high feel a bit different, or at least come on differently.

    That's how I've always saw it. It's just like most people would say that a GB will get you higher than other methods. This may or may not be true, but I would think that it's just that it gives you a ton of smoke at one time, so your high comes of faster; hence, you feel mega blazed.:smoke:

    You should enjoy the different effects. I personally embrace them, as I think that it's fun and enjoyable to toke in different ways, keeps it interesting.:)

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