Pie Vs. Cake

Discussion in 'General' started by Pickle McSmurf, May 31, 2013.

  1. The ultimate choice: pie or cake???

  2. OMG definitely cake. I do like me some pie though..
  3. Cake, there's a lot more ways to do cake than pies......damn, now I want cake....
  4. Pie all day chief. Rich apple pie fresh out the oven with a golden pastry, lightly sprinkled with sugar and doused with dollop of whipped cream. Cakes are a bit too stogy and filling, lacking the fulfillment desired, imo. 
    mmm  B)
  5. I approve of this thread. 
    PIE. Definitely. Cake is too, well, cakey. I don't generally like baked goods. I LOVE fruit and pie is all about dat fruit. MMM. Also chocolate silk pie has no fruit but it's fuckin bomb :yummy:  
  6. Not gonna lie, you really can't beat chicken pot pie.
  7. dang I thought cake was gonna run away with this one, but pie's on the comeback trail!
    Chicken pot pie; 3 of my favorite things. :smoke:
  9. TOUGHEST QUESTION OF THE DAY. But....pie. Mmm...fresh out of the oven pecan pie with ice cream on top :yay:
  10. Sounds hawt.
  11. fuckin +rep haha
  12. Pie.
    There is all kinds of pies....like PIZZA PIES....and delicious apple pies.
    Cake is the bomb too, but come on.....with pie....you can have pizza....and then pie for desert.....think about it.
  13. Pie is not only healthier but it's better.  Berry pie ftw
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Cake. Unless it's cheesecake, which is technically a pie, right?
    Either way whatever cheesecake falls under, that's my answer.
  16. you can fuck cakes too :(
    Yet pie is also slang for a part of the ladies that we all enjoy so much. :ey:    :smoke:
  18. One thing to be said about cakes though...you can turn them into the coolest shit 
  19. Well, pie is usually hot and juicy.....might have to change my opinion.....

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