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Pictures please.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TBird, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I know this sounds really stupid but its gotten this low. I keep having to tell my dealer that the bag is short and he tells me no way dude. He gives me like 1.7 for a 40sac that should be like 2.4 or 2.5. Can somebody post a pic of 2.4g of weed on a scale.:(

  2. Buy a scale
    i love this scale
  3. a 40 sac is 4 grams of wee buddy. You sir, are getting ripped HARDDDDDDDDDDDDD. You should be getting atleast 3.5 for 40. Fuck that bitch and find a new dealer
  4. Once again prices are different everywhere.

    What are your standard area prices?
  5. I would die for canada prices. This is all I can work with untill i get my card tho.
  6. get a new dealer
  7. I can find anyone lower than 50 an eigth. Cali is soposto have decent prices too but idk why its soo hard for me to find a decent dealer.
  8. get a 10 dollar scale...not difficult. next time weigh it in front his ass.
  9. I'll eventually get a scale but I just need a pic so tomorow when I pick up i can show him how short it is.
    300th post
  10. Not all weed is the same... If it's dense enough it can look like 1.5 but actually be 2.5 or something... I doubt a pic would help.
  11. you need better connects, walk around your area for an hour or two and just ask some people who look like they blaze where the bud is at youll have a connect in no time
  12. #12 DreamPCs, Aug 2, 2011
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    Happy 300th! :smoke:
  13. too bad its on a pathetic thread. cmon guys 1 pic it will take 2 secs

  14. You can't tell the exact weight of weed by looking at it, so a picture will do no good whatsoever. Two nugs that weigh exactly the same can look very different depending on a lot of factors.

    There's just no way that you can positively tell him he's shorting you without actually weighing it.
  15. Considering I'm only getting 3-4 mid sized joints out of these i'm pretty sure I'm getting ripped.
  16. a picture wont prove anything.
    youll look stupid taking a picture for proof he shorted you

  17. And different kinds of weed will make differing amounts of joints. ;)

    Seriously man. I've seen nugs the size of a large marble that weigh a gram and I've seen nugs of that same size that weigh .2 grams.

    Really dense weed is going to look like a lot less than really fluffy weed, even if they weigh exactly the same.

    Trust me when I say that if you seriously try to take a picture of weed to your dealer and tell him "you're ripping me off, this is what 2.4 grams should look like!" it's not going to end in anything other than your dealer getting a good laugh. :p
  18. This is true. I'm just going to try and find a new dealer anyways.

  19. Can you ask him to weigh it out for you? I dont know how youre picking up, but if its at his place then ask him.

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