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  1. I've had my plants for just under a month now and recently they've been showing yellow on the ends of some of the leaves. The leaves not only on the top, but some down lower on the plant aswell. They're also showing a little white on the leaves, almost as if they're drying out. I run 2 200 watt cfls and one 150 watt. My temperatures are between 77-80 with the lights on and about 70-74 with the lights off. The water I use is from the tap, but I let it sit two days before use, letting a little water pour out from underneath the pot a little bit.

    Does anyone have some suggestions as to what this might be?

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  2. If in doubt flush, pour evenly the 3 times the volume of water thru the pot as is the volume of soil, this will flush out any poisoning toxins, won't hurt the plant, will shock it but will recover, next apply 1/2 nute solution for 2 weeks, best done by hand thru foilar feeding, so you don't get this again, next put a small pc type fan in their, keep the plant breathing.

  3. Check for a band of salt build-up around the base of the stalk. Are you using a TDS meter to check the strength of your fertilizer solution? Tap water is usually high PPM and letting it sit out only dissipates the chlorine. A good flush is great advise. If you have the means, get Reverse osmosis water so you can build your nutrient profile from 0 PPMs.
  4. Well untill recently Ive never actually fed my plants.
    Until about the 3rd week of veg they looked to be doing great, and started showing signs of stress about then. I fed with slow release miracle grow granules at 19-6-12 about three days ago.

    Do I need to flush them if Ive never actually given them nutrients?

    Here are some pics I took today, the first is my purple kush. The second is the Northern lights, which seems to be doing worse.

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  5. Forget the slow release nutes, that will catch you up later and give you both further problems, find some equivalent tomato feed, if necessary high in "N", and feed at half strength once you done the flush

  6. Okay thanks guys appreciate this.

    One last question, while doing my flush I noticed the new leaves sprouting on the Northern Lights have a brownish/reddish/purplish tint going down the middle of the leaves. Could this be from the overall lack of nutrients?

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