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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Mescaline, May 14, 2003.

  1. cammon people, lets see your nice vapor bongs
  2. you show me yours and i'll show ya mine
  3. rofl vatoloco
  4. Here's a drawing of mine. Sorry for the lack of digital camera... :)

    The glass lamp cover we found at Home Depot in the lighting section for about $3. The soldering iron was $10, and the metal plate was 30 cents. I just punched a hole in the metal plate and slid it down the soldering iron rod. My friends made the wooden stand out of 2X4's and just drilled a hole in the center for it. After you plug it in the soldering iron takes about 5 minutes to heat up enough. It works pretty good with danks and decent mids, but any schwag in that thing and you'll want to vomit....

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  5. How big is that contraption? It is a regular soldering iron? (one of the handheld kind with the pointy metal filament) The iron heats the plate and the herb goes on the plate? Do you think something like a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle might work instead of a glass lamp shade?

    Please Elaborate :smoke:

  6. The stand is about a foot tall. The soldering iron is just a regular handheld one that you can pick up at Home Depot or any hardware store. The metal bowl piece is just a metal cap for furniture that's about 2 inches in diameter. Anything that will hold a good amount of weed and that will conduct heat works. At first we used two 2-liters that were cut up and duct-taped together instead of the glass piece. After that we went to Home Depot and looked for parts to improve it with.

    If anybody's going to try and make one like this I have one suggestion. When you're smoking, don't put too much in the bowl. If you're smoking alone, put a little bit in at a time because it keeps burning and if you're not in a speed-smoke mood, it's not fun. This is definitely good with a group of friends. 4-5 people passing this around made very quick, very powerful hits.
  7. you mean you made your own vaporizor? that is cool shit man! you inspire me :)

  8. what exactly is it? sorry but im not sure, is it like a normal bottle bong? can someone please explain!
  9. It's a semi-ghetto home-made vaporizer. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is the taste. We smoked some good mids from it at first and the smoke had a pine taste to it. We have yet to vaporize some danks.....
  10. still dont really understand what or how it works!
  11. how do you know when the bowl is kicked? does it change color when all the thc is gone or you cna taste it? does it ever get burnt? Do you get higher using this contraption or is it for bitches who cant take a massive rip from a bong :D
  12. haha nice diagram u got there....
  13. is it odorless?
  14. Haha - its so funny how few people take advantage of vaporizing - its crazy, you get so messed off of it - I use hot air methods on this unit I bought from

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  15. gr0wer: The weed turns from green to brown to black. My friends and I would tap out the bowl once it started to turn from brown to black. You can get pretty baked with one of these, so it's not just for smokers who can't rip a bong....

    WaNnA-PuFF-AlOt: Nope, it's not odorless. If you smoke a bowl of some nice danks the smell is veeeeeery nice....
  16. does smell pretty great....but it doesnt leave a 'sticky' scent behind. Its not like hotboxing your car with a blunt...but u can still smell it a few minutes after.
  17. I just smoked out of a vapor bong i made today. I saw it on overgrow and decided to give it a try.Its made with a lightbulb a soda cap and a straw, it was easy to make and took about 10 minuites. Its a simple, good piece to throw together. Its not as simple as a can but its way better to smoke. Ill get apic up later tonight once i find my moms digi cam. And the only problem i had was i coundn't brethe in fast because the weed would blow around and was sucking so slow that i was runing out of breath because it took so long to hit (try saying that last sentence outloud and your understand :). But i think its because i used small hard plastic straws for the one i smoked out of today, its all my friend had. Also I think the fact that is is such a small bulb (60 watt standard bulb) made too much velocity. So im going to try to make one using a large round florro bulb that i tried to grow with but they suck.
  18. Heres a pic of mine cost $0 total because it was a blown bulb. If your wodering i used a cool white bulb and just washed out the white powder to make it clear. ive still ony smoked the lil bit last week out of the one i made for my friend cuz ive been grounded since my grow was busted by my dad.

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  19. Did the bulbs you used have this greenish-yellow adhesive type stuff around the inside? I'm using a 100 watt bulb. You think that stuffs safe or should I find another bulb?


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  20. try washing it or something or just get a low wattage bulb cause wattage doesnt matter u dont need the other stuff all u need is the light bulb just clean out all the junk inside and put the weed in the bottom of it and light it from outside the bulb thats Johnny Depp style from fear and loathing in lasvegas

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