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Pictures Of My First Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DuTaz, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. This my first time growing I have started 16 plants not sure if they will all come up but im sure with the help of Mcurry it will all turn out great

    Im going to try to keep you all updated with pictures.

    the First picture is 2 days after planting the seed (cant wait till I see somthing) lol

    I just want you all to know there is alot of pictures on this post and there will be many more ,maybe my pictures can help someone eles in there growing. So PLEASE feel free to make a post and letting me know what you think

    Thanks DuTaz

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  2. Good luck with the grow!!....keep us posted on how it goes...i love when new pics get posted of new grow's....take mccurry's advice is he's willing to help you...he knows his shit....ps what's wit the light in the first pic??...is that just trying the light for when they first sprout?.....looks like a hps from where i am?...if so it's a good way to start out......Peace out...Sid
  3. Yes its a 400 HPS light brand new

    Thanks , and i sure will keep it up to date
    I like taking pictures anyways lol

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  4. Good luck with the grow. I'll be looking forward to progress reports
  5. ok, you got there!
    well it's wait and watch for now....lol
    good luck
  6. Thanks Mcurry

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  7. where'd you get that light? just curious I'm trying to compare between different companies..
  8. This is the site i got my light from the guy is very helpfull just e-mail him ( e-mail on site)

    I just got mind up and running and its been going for 2 days and it works great

    UPDATE: Light still works great


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  9. I have to tell you all after 4 days I have 10 plants come up and im sure by the end of the day there will be more


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  10. This is one of my plants after seeding 4 days ago (I think they look good )

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  11. Nice looking seedlings, they look like "Mazar" plants to me??
  12. Yes you are exactly right they are "Mazar"
    "The herb of energy"

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  13. ooohh it's a baby....you're a father...lol.....Peace out...Sid
  14. Thanks sid I do feel like they are my kids and I check up on them more then I do my older kids lol

    This Picture is Day 5 and all but 2 are doing great it's hard to see it in the picture but they are doing well

    Please take a min. and make a reply and let me know what you think , Thank you

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  15. Good group they are all looking promising. Good luck!
    Better start saving for pipes and papers.
  16. Thanks moW

    I'm way ahead of you, Lets see I have 2 bongs ( glass ) 3 pipes and 3 rollers

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  17. just one more for day 6

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  18. The picture I have taken today and my little babies are 5 days old and they are doing great

    I have 3 pictures I tried to make them small for they dont take alot of time loading up

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  19. Picture 2

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  20. Picture 3

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